Wetherspoons are giving out golden straws worth £5,000 - here's how to find one

30 June 2023, 14:02 | Updated: 30 June 2023, 14:03

Wetherspoons is giving out straws worth £5,000
Wetherspoons is giving out straws worth £5,000. Picture: Instagram AU Vodka/Alamy
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Budget pub chain Wetherspoons is giving you the chance to win £5,000 if you find a 'golden straw'.

Wetherspoons are now giving out straws worth £5,000 at pubs across the country, and you could get your hands on one.

As part of a promotional campaign with Au Vodka, customers will have to buy an Au Vodka Candy Rosá pitcher.

Posting to the Au Vodka Instagram page, DJ and co-owner Charlie Sloth explained: "For your chance to win £5,000 this summer just go to a Wetherspoons pub and buy Au Vodka Candy Rosá.

"If you find the golden straw you win £5,000 and me personally delivering it to you."

AU Vodka is partnering with Wetherspoons
AU Vodka is partnering with Wetherspoons. Picture: AU vodka

Au Vodka is choosing random pitchers at three Wetherspoon spots, on three dates and at three different times.

And if your pitcher is chosen and you find a golden straw, you'll be able to pocket £5,000 hand delivered by Sloth himself.

Fans were quick to comment, with one joking: "As if I needed an easy excuse to go".

Another said: "Could've done with this last weekend I had four of them beauties to myself", while a third added: "I live by about seven Wetherspoons, we need clues".

The giveway finishes on 30th September 2023 and excludes pubs in airports, Beaconsfield, Leceister Square in London, Windsor and the Republic of Ireland.

Wetherspoons is giving away £5,000 straws
Wetherspoons is giving away £5,000 straws. Picture: Alamy

This comes after Wetherspoons announced in 2022 they will be selling 32 branches across the UK.

The pub favourite, which is popular for its cheap food and drinks, said that putting these pubs up for sale was a "commercial decision".

Boss Tim Martin said that changes would be happening to the company as a result of increased labour, food and energy costs.

A Wetherspoon spokesman said: “Most businesses in the hospitality industry have had to deal with big price increases in the past year or two.

"We have tried to keep our prices competitive, bearing in mind that customers have suffered from inflation too."

It’s believed the company employ around 43,000 people across the United Kingdom.