What time is Boris Johnson's press conference today and what will he say?

30 September 2020, 10:42

The press conference will take place today
The press conference will take place today. Picture: PA

Boris Johnson will give a rare joint press conference with Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance today - find out what time it is and what will be said.

Today (30 September), the Prime Minister will give his first press conference with the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific advisor since the start of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson will take part in the public briefing from No10 Downing Street to speak about the current coronavirus situation, and will be joined by Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance.

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The press conference was confirmed in a Downing Street press release yesterday, and comes after some confusion about the latest lockdown measures.

Boris Johnson will speak at the press conference today
Boris Johnson will speak at the press conference today. Picture: PA

What will the press conference be about?

It is thought that they will focus on the latest coronavirus data, rather than announce anything new.

No10 said in a statement: "The purpose of [the press conference] is to provide an update on the latest statistics. It is not because there is some specific set of new announcements to make."

The country has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, with some areas seeing as many as 260 cases per 100,000 people.

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The government have previously said that they are keen to avoid another national lockdown, but there are reports that two-week 'circuit-breaker' lockdowns could be introduced in certain local areas.

Is is thought they will update the public on the latest coronavirus data
Is is thought they will update the public on the latest coronavirus data. Picture: PA

What time will the press conference take place?

It is not known what time the press conference will take place, but it has been reported that it will likely be around 5pm.

Boris Johnson is chairing a COBRA meeting at 9am today, and will take part in Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons this afternoon.


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