Why you won't find mirrors in the toilets at Disneyworld

26 March 2019, 17:12 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 17:34

These bathrooms in DisneyWorld Orlando won't have mirrors above the bathroom sinks
These bathrooms in DisneyWorld Orlando won't have mirrors above the bathroom sinks. Picture: Getty

Travel bloggers have worked out the shock reasons why theme parks have ditched mirrors above the toilet sinks - and it's all about time!

Next time you visit a Disney theme park, you might be asking yourself "Mirror Mirror, on the wall. Where did you go?!"

While you'd think most tourists would be focusing on the rollercoasters and getting the perfect holiday snap with Mickey Mouse, several Disney fanatics have been left stumped while trying to find a mirror in the toilets

Fortunately, one travel blogger has explained the reasons behind the baffling lack of bathroom mirrors at the theme park.

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"While many of the restrooms don't have mirrors above the sinks, most have at least one full-length mirror at the restroom exit. The reason for this is twofold," Jessica Mitchell, Owner of Destination Magic Kingdom, wrote on Quora.

The travel blogger went on to explain how the lack of mirrors above hand-washing sinks helps to reduce instances of vandalism in the bathrooms - one of the very few areas of the theme park that cannot be monitored by cameras.

Jessica added: "Second, it makes for a speedier trip to the restroom when people aren't holding up the line for the sink while they check their hair, makeup, sunscreen (or sunburn for that matter) and so on."

Another Disney expert noted that the reasoning behind the mirror shortage is a way to decrease the amount of time needed to clean the bathrooms during peak hours.

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