Christine McGuinness' heartbreak as parent complains about her autistic twins

25 September 2018, 07:39 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 17:32

Christine, who is mother to five-year-old autistic twins Penelope and Leo, took to Instagram to reveal the nasty comments she'd overheard at a play centre.

Christine McGuinness was left shocked and upset after overhearing comments about her autistic twins from other parents at a playcentre.

Christine, who is married to TV funnyman Paddy McGuinness, explained in her Insta video that the parents in question were discussing the 'noises' her youngsters were making.

She told her fans: "Play centres are a challenging environment for my kids anyway. But they done really well. They loved it.

"I did over hear a lady complaining about my children. She complained about the noises they were making.

"She said, 'there must be something wrong with those children.' It broke my heart.

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"They were just happy, they were squealing and laughing and being loud.

"My kids don't usually like noise but they are the loudest in the room. But let them enjoy themselves, they are expressing, they are happy."

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Christine then went on to muse about the fact that there was still a 'long way to go' to open people's eyes to autism, and, just like any other parent, she want's her children to enjoy themselves.

"People should see past the autism and see that they are happy children. Leave them alone," she said to the camera.

"All any mum wants is for her kids to be happy. And they are, they are really happy."

Penelope and Leo were diagnosed with autism when they were three and a half.

Meanwhile, the showbiz couple also share another daughter - two-year-old Felicity - and are concerned that she too is showing signs of autism, but the tot is too young to be properly diagnosed.