Davina McCall weight loss: her diet and exercise routine revealed

26 December 2020, 15:45

The mother-of-three has impressed fans with her incredible six-pack.
Davina McCall has impressed fans with her incredible six-pack. Picture: Instagram

The Masked Singer UK star Davina has transformed her body through clean eating and exercise - here's everything you need to know about her fitness and workouts.

Davina McCall has become a fitness icon in recent years thanks to her washboard abs, sugar-free cookbooks and impressive physical challenges.

Not only has the mother-of-three completely transformed her physique by exercising hard and an eating clean diet, but she often inspires her 1.1 million Instagram followers by tackling tough races from ultra triathlons to marathons.

So how often does the former Big Brother host workout, and what do her meals consist of?

Here, we take a look at Davina's super-healthy regime and weight loss:

What is Davina’s fitness regime?

Davina is in the shape of her life.

The 52-year-old credits her six-pack to working out six times a week, for around an hour at a time.

According to an interview in Women's Health, Davina has three non-negotiables when it comes to getting sweaty in the gym – "dancing, pelvic thrusts and enjoyment".

In late 2019, her personal trainer Sarah Grant revealed the energetic mother-of-three has a great attitude towards exercise and wants to "have fun" at all costs.

The fitness pro also dished the dirt on the type of exercise Davina loves pushing herself with.

When it comes to cardio, the telly favourite likes running, boxing, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and spinning, regularly clocking up 60-minute sessions on the bike.

As for sculpting and toning, the ultra-triathlete books into barre and yoga classes for a refreshing stretch.

Her former trainer Greg Whyte also revealed she blitzes calories by deep-water running – jogging with a buoyancy belt on in water that's too deep to stand up in.

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The former model, who recently hit back at body shamers that criticised her bikini snap on social media, also enjoys a serious physical challenge.

She has previously trained for a 500-mile triathlon, running marathons at weekends and going for 6-hour bike rides in preparation, and also famously tackled a "hairy" 1.5 mile (2.4km) swim in freezing cold Lake Windermere as part of a Sport Relief challenge.

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What diet does Davina McCall follow?

The fitness enthusiast, who has sold over half a million sugar-free books, documented her healthy eating habits in a string of delicious recipes.

She explained her weight dropped off when she ditched sugar and alcohol for wholegrain foods and water, and made sure to meal prep as often as possible.

Davina told The Sun: "When I'm working, training or running a busy home, I like to stay healthy and to know I'm feeding myself and everyone else just the right amount of what we all need."

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The workout warrior also previously advised fans on some easy food swaps to stay on track.

"I swapped white bread and pasta for wholegrain versions after learning how high-GI foods affect your energy,’ she told Women's Health.

She also said that "the less processed the food, the better", and that "planning and ordering all the food for the week is a must.

"I then write the meals for the week on a big chalkboard in our kitchen and cook everything from fresh."

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