Amanda Holden shares first snap of broken leg after horrific accident on Total Wipeout-style course

22 October 2019, 09:27 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:07

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The Heart Breakfast presenter opened up to Jamie Theakston about her painful injury and emergency surgery.

Amanda Holden has suffered a horrific injury while on holiday with her family in Europe, and has had to undergo emergency surgery, having a metal plate inserted into her leg.

Amanda has shared her first snap of the broken leg
Amanda has shared her first snap of the broken leg. Picture: Heart

The Heart Breakfast presenter snapped her fibula in two places whilst playing on an inflatable assault course with her daughters Alexa, 13, and Hollie, seven and spoke to Jamie Theakston on Heart Breakfast this morning, exclusively revealing exactly what happened.

Jamie explained that his co-host today, Lucy Horobin was "in for Amanda Holden, who was on her holidays and had a bit of an accident, and we’ll be going live to A&E somewhere on the continent to find out how she’s getting on."

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Amanda, 48, spoke live from Europe and revealed exactly how the accident came about, referring to it as a "bloody nightmare" as it happened on the first day of her half term break.

She said: "I was trying to be good mother and I said to Hollie, I’ll come on with you.

"So there's a 'Total Wipeout' course there, Holly was going around it brilliantly, and I did it and went around.

At the end there was three inflatable stepping stones, and everyone else was running across, so I thought 'if little kids can do it, I can.

"So I did it , I was showing off, and I made it across the other side but then my leg slipped and it went the other way.

"I heard it break as I slipped into the sea and then had to swim back one legged!"

The star was enjoying time away with her husband and two daughters
The star was enjoying time away with her husband and two daughters. Picture: Instagram/BBC

When asked what exactly had happened to her leg by Jamie and Lucy, the star explained: "I’ve broken it in two places, I was rushed to the hospital and I have a metal plate and srews in my leg."

As well as joking to her co-host that she's now on "lovely painkillers" Amanda revealed she's also in a wheelchair, that husband Chris pushes her around in.

She revealed: "I am on crutches and in a wheelchair, and Chris has pushed me to diner every night in a wheelchair.

"I keep making Little Britain impressions going “I dont like it, I want that one”.

Despite Amanda's painful ordeal, she will return to Heart Breakfast on Monday October 28.

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