Matthew Morrison addresses Glee reunion rumours and reveals favourite moments from the iconic teen series

11 March 2020, 16:19

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The actor revealed his top moments and collaborations during the show's six-year run.

Matthew Morrison has been busy since his stint on Fox's Glee, the show that shot him to superstardom.

Since playing the lovable show choir coach, Mr Will Schuester, the actor-singer-dancer has become a father to two-year-old Revel, released three studio albums and been appointed a judge on BBC One's The Greatest Dancer.

Matthew spoke to
Matthew spoke to Picture: Heart caught up with Matthew, 41, and spoke to him about his brand new album, Disney Dreamin', as well as his favourite moments from Glee, and he gave us his thoughts on whether or not he think there will be a Glee reunion.

On March 6th, Matthew's Disney Dreamin' album was released, and the track listing contains huge hits such as Friend Like Me and A Whole New World from Aladdin, The Second Star To The Right from Peter Pan and You've Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story.

When asked about why he chose to do an album of Disney covers this time around, Matthew said: "Well I really wanted to an album for my child, I have a two year old called Revel James Makai Morrison, I sing to him every single night, we wake up, have these amazing dance parties and then I sing him to sleep every night."

Disney Dreamin' with Matthew Morrison is available now
Disney Dreamin' with Matthew Morrison is available now. Picture: Amazon

"So I was thinking I really wanted to do an album of original children's songs, then Disney heard about that and approached me and said 'we would love for you to do this album of Disney songs, you have access to our whole catalogue', and that just sounded like something I could not say no to."

Matthew also recalled his favourite moments from Glee, over 10 years since the show's pilot aired, and revealed he loved all of his celebrity collaborations.

He said of a Glee reunion: "The show is just iconic in general, a lot of people ask 'will there be a Glee reboot?' and I don't think so because it just hit at the perfect time, I think the world needed it and it was a beautifully done show."

Glee fans will be gutted to hear that it's not looking likely that Mr Schue will be heading back to the choir room, but we can only dream.