Milkshakes, onesies and face masks... Zoe Hardman shares her movie night in essentials

5 March 2020, 15:09

Zoe Hardman and her family watched Frozen 2
Zoe Hardman and her family watched Frozen 2. Picture: Frozen 2 © Disney 2020
Zoe Hardman

By Zoe Hardman

Zoe Hardman and her family watched Frozen to get ready for the release of Frozen 2 - and upped the chill factor with some tasty banana milkshakes

This is controversial, but me and my kids think Frozen 2 has a better soundtrack than the original - and at the moment, it's definitely the one we play most in the car.

We loved the movie when we went to the premiere last year, and I was just as captivated as my daughter Luna and step-daughter, Isla.

The three of us were on the edge of our seats as Anna and Olaf ventured far from Arendelle in a dangerous but remarkable journey to help Elsa find answers about the past. 

Zoe tucks in to popcorn and sweets as she watches movies
Zoe tucks in to popcorn and sweets as she watches movies. Picture: Zoe Hardman

So when I heard that the Walt Disney classic was coming to Sky Store, I knew it would be the perfect excuse for a girl's night in and to get us in the mood by catching up on the first movie.

I invited my mum to come and join in the fun, too!

To make the evening extra cosy and special, we all got in to our onesies and got settled down in the living room.

As with all our family movie nights, I put the fire on, dimmed the lights and got the blankets out. It is the ultimate snuggle down experience.

Another treat we all look forward to is a milkshake - and strangely it's the only time my daughter will eat ice cream!

She loves Elsa and her icy adventures, but cold food? That's a no! She will eat ice cream if it's microwaved - like a sort of sweet custard - or hidden in one of my special extra cold banana milkshakes.

That's not the only treat for movie time.

The girls always snack on popcorn, but I'll tuck in to some salt and vinegar crisps - and make the most of them being distracted to give myself a spot of pampering in the corner.

I'll unwind with a face mask or another beauty treatment, enjoying a spot of me time while I get to watch the kids' faces light up as they see the story unfold on screen.

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