Baptiste season 2: When is the release date and who is in the cast?

9 August 2019, 12:42

Baptiste is set for another series
Baptiste is set for another series. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Here's everything you need to know about the Baptiste season 2 release date, cast and storyline.

The first series of BBC One's Baptiste finished with Julien (Tchéky Karyo) contemplating his future as he was asked whether he planned to "retire at last".

But with The Missing spin-off proving a huge it with audiences, we’re sure Julien has at least one more mystery to solve before he calls it a day.

So, what will be next for Julien, when will the next series air and who will join frenchman Tchéky Karyo in the cast?

When is the release date of Baptiste season 2?

While Baptiste is yet to be officially recommissioned by the BBC, apparently the show is definitely being renewed for a second series.

After the crime drama thrilled viewers last year and pulled in huge ratings, The Sun revealed it will be back at some point.

Unfortunately, there was a gap of two years between the first and second series of The Missing, and another two years before the first series of Baptiste aired.

The first season was shown in February this year, so it could hit our telly screens by February 2021.

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Tchéky Karyo will be returning
Tchéky Karyo will be returning. Picture: Getty Images

Who is in the cast?

Obviously, Tchéky Karyo would return as the legendary Julien Baptiste, and we’d expect his surprise son, Niels (Boris Van Severen) would make a comeback.

Hinting at what’s to come, show so-creator Harry Williams recently told Digital Spy: "Going forward, having Julien have this son who has done these awful things, is a great thing psychologically for him to dig into.

"Because he's Julien Baptiste, he's going to want to try and understand that in his own way. Niels will probably have more secrets. I think this won't be the last we see of him."

Julien’s wife Celia, played by Anastasia Hille, is also thought to be returning in the second series, as well as Camille Schotte as their daughter Sara.

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Celia Baptiste could be back
Celia Baptiste could be back. Picture: BBC

However, Harry and fellow BBC writer Jack Williams revealed Tom Hollander's character, Edward Stratton won’t be back, as they previously told The Express that they "don't think we'll be seeing [him] again..."

What can we expect to happen in season 2 of Baptiste?

During season one, Julien and his wife were on holiday in Amsterdam when Julien became involved in another crime solving case.

After spending most of the series trying - and failing - to find the Romanian sex trafficking gang headed up by the Serbilu brothers, maybe they will finally be tracked down this time.

And the drama is set to continue after Baptiste discovered his son is working with the gangsters, with Niels shooting dead his mum before being arrested.

Jack Williams also confirmed that these are possible "avenues to explore" in future episodes.

"Niels knows a great deal about the Serbilu brothers' operation, even though he's in prison," he said.

"It's something that if we were to come back, we would definitely keep exploring."

Is there a trailer?

Unfortunately there is not yet a trailer for the second series of Baptiste, however hopefully we’ll get more details soon!