Ben Shephard calls out ‘smug’ Tipping Point contestant as he dodges questions

14 August 2020, 10:22 | Updated: 14 August 2020, 10:31

Ben Shephard hit out at a Tipping Point contestant
Ben Shephard hit out at a Tipping Point contestant. Picture: ITV

Ben Shephard shut down one contestant on Tipping Point for using an 'unfair tactic'.

Tipping Point viewers were left fuming this week as they noticed one contestant was using a seemingly unfair tactic to get rid of the competition.

Steve was up against three other players in a bid to win the jackpot, but he decided to pass a number of the questions.

This meant his rival Jean was left to answer them instead, leaving her with almost no money in her kitty.

As Jean was eliminated from the competition, viewers at home were less than impressed with Steve’s strategy.

Steve was criticised for his appearance in Tipping Point
Steve was criticised for his appearance in Tipping Point. Picture: ITV

And neither was host Ben Shephard as he was quick to call him out, quipping: "He's being very generous Jean, passing to you a lot."

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Jean then hit back: "Is that generous?"

One viewer agreed: "Passing to Jean again! #tippingpoint"

While another wrote: "Steve only passing so he can smugly answer more questions #tippingpoint."

And a third added: "Steve = smug."

Steve’s tactic clearly wasn’t full proof as he was later beaten by fellow contestant Michael by just £50.

Ben Shephard leaving Good Morning Britain after six years

This comes after Ben confirmed he will be taking an extended break from Good Morning Britain to film more episodes of Tipping Point.

His co-host Kate Garraway told viewers: "This is Ben's last day! You're going having a bit of time off, aren't you?"

Ben replied: "We're about to hit peak Tipping Point! Tipping Point series 11 and we're all back in the studio, back socially distanced.

"I think I might be doing a live with Andi (Peters) in a couple of weeks as he's doing Lorraine. But yeah sets have had to change to get everything up and running."

He added: "I'm not going to be here but I'm going to be working, Kate Garraway! I know you think I've got my feet up and trotters up down in the south of France! "

Ben has been on GMB for six years, first joining when the show began in 2014.

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