Bobby Davro turns up 'still drunk' for GMB as Susanna Reid claims she can 'smell the fumes'

18 September 2019, 14:53

The comedian was looking a bit worse for wear during the very early morning interview today.

Bobby Davro's appearance on Good Morning Britain today puzzled viewers as the comedian appeared to be "still drunk" after only an hour's sleep.

The 61-year-old comedian was a guest on the ITV morning show with Jim Davidson, 64 and was interviewed by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

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The pair were visibly still boozy from the night before
The pair were visibly still boozy from the night before. Picture: ITV

They were on the show to discuss the Care After Combat Autumn Ball, but Bobby was visibly struggling through the segment after embarking on a 'hotel crawl' that ended at his at 3am.

The Care After Combat charity support veterans who struggle from alcohol and substance abuse and "assists the well-being on veterans and their families".

Jim is the co-founder of the charity, saying he was the "unpaid Chief Executive", while Bobby chimed in joking he was the "dogsbody" of the organisation.

Bobby laughed as he explained the evening before
Bobby laughed as he explained the evening before. Picture: ITV
They both seemed to be struggling
They both seemed to be struggling. Picture: ITV

After the comment, Bobby continued: "I’m drunk, basically, from last night still. I’m struggling a little bit I’ve gotta be honest with you."

Following his admission, the actor was probed by Piers, who asked where he'd been the night before, and he replied: "I can’t remember. I was with him."

Jim took over the conversation and explained: "We started off at the Carlton Club which is the Conservative club, which was empty of course, because it’s all boarded up and we didn’t know what to do.

"So we went on a hotel crawl and ended up at his place.

"He was telling jokes to Japanese visitors who were looking at him rather strangely."

Piers and Susanna quizzed them about their night out
Piers and Susanna quizzed them about their night out. Picture: ITV

After realising how long they'd been out for, Piers asked: "You’ve basically had three hours sleep haven’t you?"

Bobby replied: "No, not really. About an hour. We had a laugh though, didn’t we?"

At the end of the segment, Susanna commented on the smell of alcohol, saying: "I feel drunk from the fumes."