Coleen Nolan reveals she uncovered dating site Catfish after noticing odd reflection

22 April 2021, 08:11 | Updated: 22 April 2021, 08:36

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan tells her friend's Catfish story


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Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan revealed how she caught out a Catfish for her friend.

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan has revealed she managed to uncover a Catfish after her friend sent her a photo.

A Catfish is the name used to describe someone who uses a false identity to date people online.

Explaining her experience, Coleen said her pal Claire had been speaking to a man after they met on a dating website, but was shocked to find out he was actually a woman.

“She was talking to him all day, the last person she'd speak to at night and the first in the morning,” she said.

Coleen Nolan revealed she caught a Catfish online
Coleen Nolan revealed she caught a Catfish online. Picture: ITV

But when the pair agreed to meet in real life, the mystery man kept cancelling last minute, leaving Coleen suspicious about his identity.

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Claire was then sent a photo of a bottle of perfume alongside a note that read: "Why would I buy you a bottle of perfume if I had no intention of meeting you?!? Why Claire?"

But after Coleen took a look at the photo, she realised there was a woman in the reflection of the bottle.

As the photo then appeared on screen, panelist Ruth Langsford explained they had blurred the person's identity.

"It was a catfish and it wasn't even a male, it was a female!” Coleen said.

Coleen Nolan spotted a woman in the picture her friend sent her
Coleen Nolan spotted a woman in the picture her friend sent her. Picture: ITV

Claire then got in touch with the man behind the pictures, who had ‘no idea’ he was being used as part of a fake profile.

Speaking about her friend’s experience, Coleen added: “Something like this devastates you because you feel foolish, she really felt for him, she was close to being in love with him.

“It’s soul destroying and very, very scary.”

The Loose Women ladies then went on to discuss new TV show Catfish UK, which is hitting our screens this month.

Airing on MTV, the series focuses on internet users who use false identities to date people online, with the hosts helping uncover the liars.

It was originally based on a hit 2010 documentary film, also called Catfish, which was then turned into an American TV show.

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