Who is Coronation Street star Nathan Graham? Age, career and Instagram revealed

1 July 2021, 08:27

Nathan Graham plays James Bailey in Coronation Street
Nathan Graham plays James Bailey in Coronation Street. Picture: Instagram/ITV

Who plays James Bailey in Coronation Street and what do we know about Nathan Graham?

James Bailey might have only made his Coronation Street debut in 2019, but he has already been part of some huge storylines.

After Bethany Platt tried to kiss him, the football player told her he is gay, before telling his dad the following year.

James has now decided he wants to open up about his sexuality publicly, and is set to speak about it at a press conference with journalists.

James Bailey is played by Nathan Bailey in Corrie
James Bailey is played by Nathan Bailey in Corrie. Picture: ITV

So, who is James Bailey actor Nathan Graham? Here’s what we know…

How old is Nathan Graham?

Despite playing 21-year-old James in Corrie, Nathan is actually 30-years-old.

While appearing on This Morning back in 2019, host Holly Willoughby told him: “This is great. When you get older, you’re going to be loving the fact you look younger.”

What else has Nathan Graham been in?

Nathan studied Musical Theatre at Bird College and his only other television credit is for the short film Bus Stop Romeo.

He also has a successful career on stage and appeared in Dreamgirls, Miss Saigon, 20th Century Boy and Loserville.

Is Nathan Graham single?

Nathan has never opened up about his personal life.

The actor did recently speak out about his ongoing storyline as James in Corrie, saying it was important for his journey to be slow.

"It brings an element of truth to it,” he said, continuing: “If things happen one after the other, straight away, he wouldn't have fully digested all that, all the situations and scenarios he has been through.

"It's a process and to do it over a period of time is important and better."

He added: "People might be like, 'I thought he already came out,' but that was just one hurdle.

"There's so many hurdles and different people to tell.

"This is like the final hurdle, the biggest one. It's like the high jump for him and he's going to take that leap and we'll see where he lands."

While James came out as gay in 2019, he begged Bethany Platt not to tell anyone because it would be impossible to be an openly gay, black footballer for Weatherfield County due to prejudices.