Who plays Debbie Webster in Coronation Street?

17 August 2021, 08:45

Sue Devaney returned to Corrie in 2019
Sue Devaney returned to Corrie in 2019. Picture: ITV/Alamy

Who plays Debbie in Coronation Street and what else has Sue Devaney been in?

Coronation Street’s Debbie Webster has been causing chaos in Weatherfield ever since she arrived in 2019.

As the sister of Kevin Webster (Michael le Vell), she has fallen out with Abi Franklin (Sally Carmen), squared up against evil Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) and now joined forces with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson).

But who plays Debbie Webster and what do we know about actress Sue Devaney? Find out everything…

Debbie Webster is played by Sue Devaney
Debbie Webster is played by Sue Devaney. Picture: ITV

Who plays Debbie Webster in Coronation Street?

Debbie Webster is played by actress Sue Devaney, who first took on the role as a teenager when the character was first in the show in 1984.

She arrived with brother Kevin and their dad Bill, four years after their mum Alison died.

Debbie left just a few months later in 1985 when her dad married Elaine Prior and they moved to Southampton.

After returning to the Street in 2019, Sue said of her character: “I think you do get to that age in life where you think ‘I’ve had all this, I wanna get closer to home’ and I think the thing with Debbie is, wherever she travels and whatever she does, she always comes back to home. She’s never forgotten where she’s come from.”

How old is Sue Devaney?

Sue was born on 2 July 1967, making her 54-years-old.

The star grew up in Ashton-under-Lyne in Lancashire and has had a string of roles in TV nad on stage.

As well as playing Debbie Webster in Corrie, Sue starred as Rita Briggs in Jonny Briggs, Liz Harker in Casualty from 1994-97 and Jane in dinnerladies.

What else has Sue Devaney been in?

Sue’s other credits include Shameless, Heartbeat and Mamma Mia! at the Blackpool Opera House in 2014.

But it looks like she will be staying on Corrie for some time, as her contract was recently extended until April 2022.

“When I first came back, I never imagined I would be around for that length of time and I’m delighted,” she said.

“Every day, when I drive into work, I have a big grin on my face. I’m so happy to be here.”