Inside the real life of Coronation Street's Simon O'Brien away from Frank Bardsley role

7 June 2022, 07:28

Frank in Coronation Street is played by Simon O'Brien
Frank in Coronation Street is played by Simon O'Brien. Picture: ITV/Getty Images

Who is Frank in Coronation Street and who plays him? Here's what we know...

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Coronation Street fans recently got introduced to brand new character Frank Bardsley.

After making his debut in May, the character got chatting to barman Sean Tully and there was seemingly a spark.

But who is Frank and what actor plays him? Here’s what we know…

Frank made his Coronation Street debut in May 2022
Frank made his Coronation Street debut in May 2022. Picture: ITV

Who is Frank in Coronation Street?

We don’t know a huge amount about Frank just yet, but he originally came into the pub to meet someone he met on a dating app.

However, he revealed to Sean he accidentally swiped on this person and agreed to a date so wanted to get out of it.

After the date ended, Sean followed Frank and asked if he wanted to go out some time.

Who plays Frank in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street’s Frank is played by actor Simon O’Brien.

Simon was born in Garston, Liverpool on June 19 1965, making him 56-years-old.

He is married to wife Liz and they share a daughter called Rosa.

Simon O'Brien starred in Brookside
Simon O'Brien starred in Brookside. Picture: Getty Images

What else has Simon O’Brien been in?

Simon famously played Damon Grant on Brookside from 1982 until 1987.

Speaking about how he landed the role of Damon, Simon previously told New Sound Generation: "I got a day off school to go to the audition. I only went because it meant I could get off double maths and that’s really the reason why I went."

His character was killed as part of a three-part special spin-off series entitled, Damon and Debbie.

Simon also starred on Grange Hill as Wally Scott from 2003-2005 and his other credits include Casualty, Fraggle Songs, Young, Gifted and Broke, The Bill, Heartbeat and Out All Night.

As an experienced presenter, he also fronted the first three series of children’s quiz show, I Can Do That, which was broadcast on ITV.

The star co-presented BBC One show To Buy or Not to Buy and in 2014 he began presenting the TV reality series My Dream Derelict Home.

He also presented Find It, Fix It, Flog It.