Does Denise Fox die in EastEnders and what happened to her?

5 February 2021, 09:06

EastEnders fans think Denise has been killed
EastEnders fans think Denise has been killed. Picture: BBC

Is Denise dead and is she leaving EastEnders?

EastEnders fans were horrified on Thursday evening when Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) lashed out at his ex wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish) in a terrifying showdown.

After the pair came to blows during an argument about their daughter Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), they seemingly disappeared with only a drop of blood left on the doorstep.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “@bbceastenders wait is Denise dead or killed she's not there nor is Lucas and after Lucas threatened and looked like he was coming at her.”

“Don’t tell me Denise is dead now #EastEnders everyone’s just killing each other at this point,” said another.

Denise Fox gets into a fiery argument with Lucas on EastEnders
Denise Fox gets into a fiery argument with Lucas on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

While a third added: “Blood… omg is Denise okay?” But what happened to Denise in EastEnders? And is she alive?

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Is Denise dead in EastEnders?

It’s unclear what has happened to Denise in EastEnders, but Chelsea is left fearing the worst after she found her mum’s necklace in her dad’s trashed home.

The drama began when Chelsea set about trying to plant drugs in her serial killer dad’s suitcase before a trip to Ibiza.

But Lucas foils her plans and made sure they missed their flight.

A frustrated Chelsea then stormed off, which Denise assumed was down to Lucas letting her down again.

When Denise confronted him in his home, Lucas flew off the handle and screamed: “I know you hate me, I know my own daughter hates me, EVERYBODY HATES ME!

“When you absorb that much hate, there’s only one thing you become.”

Later, Vinny (Shiv Jalota) noticed the door of Lucas’ flat was open and spotted blood on the steps.

After calling on Jack (Scott Maslen) and Chelsea, they all went in to find the trashed flat empty and Denise’s necklace lying on the floor.

Judging by Lucas’ track record, it doesn’t look good for Denise but viewers will have to wait and see what really happened.

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