Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans spot huge blunder as crew member's head pops out from behind door

22 April 2020, 11:14

Fans of the show noticed the very obvious blunder
Fans of the show noticed the very obvious blunder. Picture: BBC
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The man's head was seen behind the door frame during Stuart's proposal to partner Rainie.

Fans of EastEnders picked up on a mistake made during last night's episode, when a man's head - presumably a crew member - is spotted in-frame.

It happened at the most peculiar time too, right in the middle of Stuart Highway's strange Druacula-themed proposal.

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The scene shows a head pop out by the door frame
The scene shows a head pop out by the door frame. Picture: EastEnders

The unknown man can be clearly been popping his head around the corner of the door in the funeral parlour, right under where Stuart is stood dressed as a vampire.

The two-second blunder happened right after the proposal went haywire and he had to run after Rainie Cross through the parlour.

His bizarre proposal didn't go down well
His bizarre proposal didn't go down well. Picture: EastEnders

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the error as the soap aired, heading straight to Twitter to discuss what they'd just seen.

One asked: "Anyone else notice the crew member sneaking a peek around the doorframe in tonight’s #EastEnders?"

Another fan added: "Seriously do they never check before they finish filming lol."

"Went over that episode and just noticed somebody’s head on the left hand corner!! I seen it all now..." said another.

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However, another viewer reckoned the bloke could have actually been a part of the whole scene, as someone who was helping out Stuart.

They Tweeted: "Looked like he was part of the scene and the one who set off the lights and music."Rainie actually looks over at his direction when it happens."

Despite the bizarre proposal not going down well to start with, Rainie accepted Stuart's proposal by the end, with fans calling them "perfect for each other".