EastEnders fans shocked as Dotty Cotton’s real name Kirsty is explained

6 October 2021, 08:44

Dotty Cotton's real name was revealed as Kirsty
Dotty Cotton's real name was revealed as Kirsty. Picture: BBC

Who is Kirsty Cotton in EastEnders? Here's what we know about Dotty's real identity...

EastEnders dropped a bombshell this week when it was revealed Dotty Cotton’s real name is actually Kirsty.

Dotty’s mum made a dramatic return to the soap on Tuesday to attend her daughter’s VIP relaunch event.

But as she drunkenly demanded to have a chat with her daughter, she called her by a different name.

EastEnders fans might remember Dotty - played by Milly Zero - is actually called Kirsty.

Dotty Cotton's real name is Kirsty in EastEnders
Dotty Cotton's real name is Kirsty in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

But in a bid to give herself a new identity, she changed her name and her appearance as soon as she arrived in Walford.

Viewers at home were completely baffled by the name change, with one writing on Twitter: “Omg Dotty is called Kirsty WHAT!!!!!! #EastEnders”

Another asked: “Is Dotty’s name Kirsty? #EastEnders,” while a third added: “Now who is Kirsty?? #EastEnders”.

“Forgot all about Dotty actually being called Kirsty #Eastenders,” said someone else.

Dotty’s mum Sandy (played by Martha Cope) first arrived in the Square in 2010, with Dotty believing her mum had died in a car crash before that.

Meanwhile, Sandy made a huge scene on Tuesday when she turned up drunk and demanded to speak to her daughter.

Interrupting Dotty's big presentation, she then took her into the stockroom of the club where Dotty discovered that her mum was drinking and taking drugs again.

Revealing her true intentions, Sandy then said: "You think I'm here for you? I don't want you. I don't need you, Kirsty. All I need is money!"

Dotty's mum Sandy is back in EastEnders
Dotty's mum Sandy is back in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

This comes after actress Martha Cope previously opened up about her character, telling Digital Spy: “I think deep, deep down she carries a lot of guilt for her dreadful mothering skills but ultimately she's very selfish.

"The guilt of being such a bad mum is there but it's hidden by lots of years of abuse and selfishness that can overtake everything else. She's out for what she can get for herself so things have been strained with Dotty.

“This is her first time back in Walford for many years so she's left her daughter to get on with her life really."