EastEnders fans fear for Dot Cotton's life this winter after central heating breaks down in shock plot twist

15 October 2019, 11:16 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 11:18

Fan are worried for Dot this winter
Fan are worried for Dot this winter. Picture: BBC

The popular soap character is loved by many but fans of the show are worried she will pass away of cold this wintertime.

Dot Cotton has been a long-standing character on EastEnders and the beloved character's fate this winter has fans of the show worried.

92-year-old Dot, played by June Brown has sparked concern recently that she'll fall victim to a potentially lethal cold after she expressed her worries about her heating to Sonia Fowler last night.

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The actress has played Dot for over 30 years
The actress has played Dot for over 30 years. Picture: BBC

Dot made the jokey comment about her house being like a "fridge in the winter" as she eased the tension between Sonia and Martin Fowler, who were on suicide watch for daughter Bex.

She said: "After this I'm gonna see my solicitor, do you know the first thing I'm gonna do is get central heating in this place,

"It's like a fridge in the winter".

Although it was a comment made in passing, fans picked up on what Dot said and flooded to Twitter to discuss their theories.

One fan wrote on: "That's it, Dot won't make it through the next few months with no central heating I bet you!"

Another added: "Poor Dot no central heating I’m surprised she’s no deed yet!"

While another concerned fan said: "No central heating? How is Dot still alive?"

Dot Cotton has been played by June Brown on the BBC soap for 34 years, with her starting the role in 1984 and the actress is now 92 years old.

June's 90th birthday was marked with a special BBC show titled June Brown at 90: A Walford Legend, which focused on June’s life, and her 30 years on EastEnders.