EastEnders Mick Carter spoilers: Is Frankie his daughter and who is Katie Lewis?

7 October 2020, 08:59

Is EastEnders' Mick Carter Frankie's dad?
Is EastEnders' Mick Carter Frankie's dad? Picture: BBC

Did Mick cheat on Linda in EastEnders? And who is Katie Lewis? Here's what we know...

EastEnders newcomer Frankie has only been on the Square five minutes and she’s already causing a load of drama.

She recently dropped the bombshell to Mick Carter that she thinks he’s her dad, but he refused to believe it.

On Tuesday (October 6), things got even more complicated when Frankie then asked if he recognised her mum’s name, Katie Lewis.

And judging by the look on Mick’s face, he definitely knew the name…

So is Frankie part of the Carter family, and did Mick cheat on wife Linda? Here’s what we know…

EastEnders Mick went for a drink with Frankie
EastEnders Mick went for a drink with Frankie. Picture: BBC

Is Mick Carter Frankie’s dad?

It’s unknown at the moment if Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis) is telling the truth, but many viewers have already jumped to the conclusion that Mick (Danny Dyer) cheated on Linda (Kellie Bright) when he was younger.

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And it looks as though there is more to this story that viewers first thought, as Frankie revealed more details to Mick when they went for a drink at Ruby’s club.

She said she even found old letters Mick had sent her mum, saying how much he missed her and didn’t know why she mysteriously disappeared.

When Frankie discovered the dates matched her birth, she thought he could be her dad.

“You really loved her,” said Frankie said to him, as Mick replied: "So that’s why she disappeared.”

However, Mick warned Frankie that Linda was an alcoholic and the revelation that he has another child could send her over the edge.

Mick and Linda have been married since they were very young and have four children together, so if it were true, it would mean Mick had been unfaithful.

Who is Katie Lewis?

It has not yet been revealed who Katie Lewis is, or whether she will make an appearance in Walford.

However, Simone Lahbib has recently been cast on EastEnders, with many viewers convinced she will play Frankie’s mum.

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