EastEnders fans convinced Ricky Jnr is not the dad of Lily's baby after spotting ‘cover up’

5 January 2023, 13:11 | Updated: 5 January 2023, 13:13

EastEnders fans have predicted a huge twist with Ricky Jr
EastEnders fans have predicted a huge twist with Ricky Jr. Picture: BBC/Twitter

EastEnders viewers have predicted a huge twist when it comes to Lily Slater's shock baby news.

EastEnders fans were shocked last night to find out that the father of Lily Slater’s baby is actually Ricky Jr.

Things got very emotional when 12-year-old Lily finally opened up to her mum Stacey about her pregnancy.

Stacey confronted her daughter after seeing Ricky Jr. wave at her, and she admitted she had only slept with him once and he wasn't her boyfriend.

Lily then begged her mum and grandmother to keep Ricky's identity a secret, saying no one can know his identity, especially not Ricky himself.

Lily Slater is expecting a baby on EastEnders
Lily Slater is expecting a baby on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

However, some fans are convinced Lily is lying to stop her mum asking any more questions.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Anyone else NOT convinced that Ricky Jr is in fact the father after that lacklustre confession from Lily? #EastEnders.”

"Do we believe Lily when she said Ricky Jnr is the dad #Eastenders she seemed to shake and nod her head,” said someone else.

A third said: "I don't think lily was telling truth re: father of baby. i think he's just getting stacey off her back #eastenders."

A fourth agreed: "I don't think Ricky Jr is Lily's baby daddy... I think judging by Lily looking out of the window that it is Nugget #Eastenders.”

Stacey Slater found out her daughter is pregnant on EastEnders
Stacey Slater found out her daughter is pregnant on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

A fifth added: "Don't believe Lily at all, she's covering for someone else. Why say he must never know #EastEnders."

This comes after actress Lacey Turner opened up about her working relationship with her on-screen daughter played by Lillia Turner.

She said: "Lilia is such a great little actress – there’s something about her that is so warm and so natural, and her instincts are just bang-on. She’s been so desperate for a storyline of her own for so many years, so to see her have one is lovely.

"To watch her absolutely nail it has just been brilliant. I’ve tried to stay out of it as much as I can because Lilia actually doesn’t need any help, tips or guidance because she’s just great. She’s got something that is so natural that I don’t want to take that away from her."

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