EastEnders star Rob Kazinsky teases Sean Slater return after quitting for LA

8 July 2019, 11:17

Sean Slater could be making a return to Albert Square
Sean Slater could be making a return to Albert Square. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Rob has enjoyed two stints in the BBC One soap, but recently moved back to LA to build on his Hollywood career.

Former EastEnders star Rob Kazinksy has teased he could return to Albert Square as notorious bad boy Sean Slater. 

The actor left the show again in May this year after a brief return which saw him battling some serious mental health problems.

And despite now living in LA, 35-year-old Rob hasn’t ruled out a more permanent comeback to the BBC One soap. 

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “If I had a great job offer in England then I’d be back.

"And as long as Kate Oates, Gillian Wright and Lacey Turner are at EastEnders there’s always a possibility.

"There’s no plan at the moment but I’m still in touch with Kate. I’ve been here for ten years and I’m about to become an American."

Rob appeared in EastEnders as Stacey Slater’s brother from 2005-2009 before he moved across the pond where he’s since starred in a string of Hollywood films.

As well as landing roles in Red Tails, Pacific Rim and Hot Pursuit, he also played Macklyn Warlow in the sixth season of vampire drama True Blood.

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But after returning to his routes, the star admitted he’s come across soap “snobbery”, as he said: "People can be so cruel – coming from a soap background I've encountered a lot of snobbery. 

“But do you know what? I've worked with Oscar-winning actors and, hand on my heart, when I went back to EastEnders I couldn't keep up."

Speaking about his co-stars on the soap, Rob added: "99% of actors couldn't do what the likes of Gillian, Lacey and Jake do on a daily basis. It's hard. People do not give soap actors the credit deserved."

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Following his stint on EastEnders this year, Rob was praised for some very honest scenes which saw Sean collapse into the arms of his mum Jean sobbing after opening up about his mental health. 

Speaking about the storyline at the time, Rob told Metro.co.uk: “The Sean who leaves is so different to the Sean who arrives but also exactly the same. 

“There is no resolution but just a recognition that they exist and that’s a huge part of the battle. Happy endings don’t exist in real life.”