Sean Slater to return to EastEnders as mum Jean battles cancer

5 April 2019, 12:22

Sean Slater is returning to EastEnders
Sean Slater is returning to EastEnders. Picture: BBC

As she awaits a diagnosis following cancer tests, Jean reveals that she wants a reunion with her wayward son - but what can fans expect?

EastEnders bosses have teased Sean Slater's return to Albert Square and promised to show a different side to the reformed bad-boy.

While Jean faces her own mortality as her cancer battle begins, she reveals to Stacey and Shirley that she wants to find her son.

Exec producer Jon Sen revealed: "We wanted to show just how close that bond is between mother and son.

"And we're telling the story that, yes, Jean's cancer has been terrible for her but, in a way, has been one of the best things that's ever happened to her because it's shown her inner-courage and it's brought back her son."

Actor Rob Kazinsky recently starred in Marvel blockbuster, Captain Marvel
Actor Rob Kazinsky recently starred in Marvel blockbuster, Captain Marvel. Picture: Getty

The producer went on to explain how actor Rob Kazinsky's return to the soap will show a different side to his character.

Jon told EastEnders fans: "When you see the bond between Sean and Jean, but also the real chemistry, the on-screen chemistry between Gillian [Wright] and Rob, you can't take your eyes away from it... It's transfixing."

Sean's return comes into place when Shirley and Stacey accompany beloved Jean to the hospital, where she is to discover the cancer diagnosis.

In a bid to distract a nervous Jean, Shirley encourages her to write a list of things she'd like to achieve - and Jean's wish is a reunion with her absent son.

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