What happens to Kush in EastEnders and is he leaving?

15 April 2021, 11:40

Kush is leaving EastEnders
Kush is leaving EastEnders. Picture: BBC

What did Kush do in EastEnders and why is he in court? Here's what we know about Davood Ghadami's exit...

EastEnders fans are set to see Kush Kazemi's story come to an end this week as Davood Ghadami leaves for good.

Despite trying to get his happy ending with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), it looks like things are about to get worse for Kush.

So what happens to him and is he leaving EastEnders for good? Here’s what we know…

What did Kush do in EastEnders?

Kush is currently facing a very uncertain future after he got involved in a robbery with the Mitchells last year.

During a car heist with Phil (Steve McFadden) and Ben (Max Bowden), Kush ended up giving the wrong security code and costing them valuable time.

Kush Kazemi is leaving Walford
Kush Kazemi is leaving Walford. Picture: BBC

After Ian Beale tipped off the police, Phil and Ben managed to get away but Kush stalled the car.

Despite managing to escape arrest, Kush later handed himself in to the police.

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What happens to Kush in EastEnders?

Kush’s hearing has been looming over him and he will appear in court this week to find out his fate.

Actor Davood Ghadami announced he will be leaving EastEnders after seven years, so viewers are desperate to find out whether he ends up in prison or on the run.

He is facing years in prison after making a deal with the Mitchells to keep their names out of it, but will he have a change of heart?

It is also possible Kush will run away with Whitney so they can live their happily ever after, but a life on the run from the police and the Mitchells doesn’t seem appealing.

Kush could also decide to flee Walford on his own, leaving Whitney to deal with the consequences at home.

Whitney actress Shona has since hinted at what could happen over the next few days, teasing: “Who’s to say Whitney and Kush aren’t going to live happily ever after together away from Walford?

“This could very well be her fairytale ending.”

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