Who is Isaac Baptiste in EastEnders and what is wrong with him?

24 February 2021, 08:28

Isaac is hiding a secret in EastEnders
Isaac is hiding a secret in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

What illness does Isaac have in EastEnders and what is his secret with Sheree?

It looks like there could be a new couple in EastEnders as Isaac Baptiste has been getting close to Lola Pearce.

But despite Isaac (Stevie Basula) getting very excited about his potential new romance, his mum Sheree Trueman (Suzette Llewellyn) isn’t so pleased.

But what is wrong with Isaac and what is he hiding? Here’s what we know..

What is wrong with Isaac in EastEnders?

BBC bosses have not yet revealed what is wrong with Isaac, but it appears he is battling a mystery illness.

Isaac made his Walford debut in January
Isaac made his Walford debut in January. Picture: BBC

The storyline was hinted at back in January after Patrick (Rudolph Walker) suffered a stroke.

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At the time, Isaac said that he was worried no one would ‘look past’ his own health issues, adding: “Not everyone gets a second chance at finding love.

“I mean you can look past Patrick’s health issues… but who’s going to look past mine?”

This week, the mystery illness was alluded to again, when Sheree tries to stop Isaac meeting Lola, telling him a serious relationship isn’t right for him.

"It's been years, mum. I'm ready to meet someone," Isaac insisted. "I know you worry, but I've got things under control."

"That's because you don't try to have serious relationships," Sheree replied. "They're not good for you, Isaac, and it's unfair for the woman."

"I'm better now, I'm grown up. It wouldn't be the same," he said.

"You could have been killed, Isaac," Sheree hit back. "My blood runs cold when I think about it."

Isaac ignores his mum, but desperate to stop him from finding love, Sheree tracks down Lola and tells her to leave her son alone.

But soap fans already know Isaac's secret will be revealed next week when he confides in Lola.

Who plays Isaac in EastEnders?

Stevie Basaula has played Isaac in EastEnders since January.

Before joining the soap, the actor was best known for starring in Elroy's Birthday (2018), Bulletproof (2018) and Royal Shakespeare Company: Macbeth (2018).

Isaac is Sheree’s grown-up son in EastEnders and is also the lovechild of Patrick after they had a fling in the 1980s.

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