Who is Emma from Sexy Beasts? Here's what she looks like without prosthetics

22 July 2021, 08:52

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Find out all you need to know about the Sexy Beast 'devil' Emma - including what she really looks like and if she and Barnett are still together...

Sexy Beasts dropped on Netflix on July 21, and it's just as bonkers as we knew it would be.

The show is essentially a hybrid of The Masked Singer and First Dates, and sees potential suitors get to know each other while made up in prosthetics.

Episode one saw Emma - dressed as a demon - date three potential suitors, Archie, Adam, and Bennett.

Here's your need-to-know on Emma - including what she really looks like.

Emma was the first Sexy Beasts contestant
Emma was the first Sexy Beasts contestant. Picture: Netflix

Who is Emma? What's her age and job?

Emma, 22, is a model from New York.

She said that she went on the show as she was tired of being judged on her looks, and wanted to get to know someone's personality first.

What does Emma look like without the mask?

Emma removed her prosthetics at the end of the episode, and you can see her true appearance below.

Here's what Emma really looks like
Here's what Emma really looks like. Picture: Netflix

Are Emma and Bennett still together?

Emma and Barnett seemed very loved up when they got together at the end of her episode, and many viewers will be clamouring to know if they continued their romance after the show.

At the moment, though, we have no idea if they started together or not - as neither party's Instagram seems to be giving away any clues.

However, it is likely that they will be waiting until the show's been up for a while before confirming either way - so watch this space.

Is Sexy Beast's Emma on Instagram?

She is! You can follow her on Instagram @emmapapatzanaki.

How can I watch Sexy Beasts?

Sexy Beasts is available to stream on Netflix now.

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