Inside Emmerdale actor Matthew Booth's life 20 years after Paul Marsden exit

16 May 2023, 14:45

Matthew Booth played Paul Marsden in Emmerdale
Matthew Booth played Paul Marsden in Emmerdale. Picture: Shutterstock

Who played Paul Marsden in Emmerdale and what happened to him? Here's what we know...

Emmerdale fans might remember Paul Marsden who arrived in the soap all the way back in March 2003.

Paul arrived with his family in the village and kicked off as a porter, alongside his nurse wife Siobhan.

He was only in Emmerdale for around a year before being killed off, but who played Paul Marsden and what happened to him? Here’s what we know…

Who played Paul Marsden in Emmerdale?

Paul Marsden was played by Matthew Booth in Emmerdale who is from Normanton, West Yorkshire.

Paul Marsden joined with his family on Emmerdale
Paul Marsden joined with his family on Emmerdale. Picture: Shutterstock

After making his debut in Emmerdale, Matthew’s character was part of some big storylines, including bagging his full-time job at the post office.

He was on screen with his family for six months before Emmerdale producer Steve Frost decided to axe the majority of the Marsdens.

Steve decided to keep Paul and Siobhan in the series but Ronnie, Frances, Alistair and Elaine left in December 2003.

He said at the time: "The Marsdens have got a great story to play through the autumn, but unfortunately this culminates in them leaving the village”, adding: "Paul and Siobhan Marsden will be staying on and the young couple have got some trying times ahead."

Paul Marsden was killed off in Emmerdale in 2004
Paul Marsden was killed off in Emmerdale in 2004. Picture: Shutterstock

What happened to Paul Marsden in Emmerdale?

When Paul's family moved away, Siobhan and Paul stayed in Victoria Cottage and it looked like they had finally settled.

But heartbreak struck when Paul attempted to fix a roof with Carl King and ended up falling off to his death.

Paul and Carl found themselves in an argument the day before but reconciled and headed to a customer's house.

When Carl jokingly threw some tools at Paul, he tried to catch them and fell off the roof and instantly died.

Carl and his brothers then went on to move Paul's corpse to his garden, with Siobhan later finding him.

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The truth about Paul's death was never revealed and Siobhan later discovered that she is pregnant.

Where is Matthew Booth now?

We don’t know much about Matthew Booth as he appears to have retired from the spotlight.

He has gone on to appear in a few other TV shows including Coronation Street, At Home with the Braithwaites, The Royal, The Ward and Hollyoaks.

Matthew is also a lifelong fan of Manchester United F.C. and once appeared in a Vodafone commercial with David Beckham.

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