Is Jamie Tate coming back to Emmerdale or has he left for good?

5 November 2021, 14:59

Jamie Tate's car plunges into water in shock Emmerdale scenes

Is Jamie Tate leaving Emmerdale for good? Here's what we know about Alexander Lincoln's character...

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Emmerdale fans were shocked when Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) made a dramatic return to the Dales on Thursday night.

The character disappeared off the face of the earth two months ago after he almost crashed into Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and his car plummeted into a lake.

Though Jamie’s body was never found, the police assumed he had drowned and told Kim Tate (Claire King) that her son had probably died.

Jamie Tate returned to Emmerdale this week
Jamie Tate returned to Emmerdale this week. Picture: ITV

But is Jamie dead and will he be returning to the soap? Here’s what we know…

Has Jamie Tate left Emmerdale?

Jamie Tate is not dead as he returned to Emmerdale on Thursday (November 3) and was reunited with his daughter Millie (Willow Bell).

After a heartfelt reunion, Jamie told Millie to enter the house while he had a private word with Hazel (Kate Anthony), who told him what had been going on in the village.

But while Jamie is very much alive and well, his return won’t be for very long as Emmerdale bosses confirmed actor Alexander will be leaving the soap soon.

Kim Tate confronts Jamie over poisoning her on Emmerdale

Fans were shocked to find out Jamie is set to fake his own death, as one person wrote on Twitter: "Kim cut Jamie off and then he faked his death to escape her? Make it make sense."

Someone else said: "If Jamie Tate is going to remain deceased then surely he will have to get a new identity?"

While a third added: "Very odd plot twist! Jamie’s plan to fake his death and get Andrea’s mum to take Millie would only have worked if Andrea was dead? Rather convenient her being murdered.”

Will Jamie Tate return to Emmerdale?

It’s bad news for Jamie Tate fans, as he will not be returning to Emmerdale anytime soon.

A spokesperson from the soap confirmed: "Although there are no current plans for the character of Jamie Tate to return to Emmerdale, the audience now has the proof Jamie Tate is still alive and at large."

Alexander made his debut as Jamie back in 2019 and has been part of some huge storylines.

These include his shock affair with Belle Dingle and being suspected of murdering Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).