This is where Emmerdale's Emma Barton actress Gillian Kearney is now

1 November 2021, 12:34

Gillian Kearney played Emma Barton in Emmerdale
Gillian Kearney played Emma Barton in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV/Alamy

Where is Emma Barton actress Gillian Kearney now? Everything you need to know about the Emmerdale star…

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Emmerdale fans will remember Emma Barton was part of a huge storyline back in 2017.

After she was murdered, the character - played by Gillian Kearney - became part of a huge whodunnit.

But who was Emma Barton and what happened to her? Here’s what we know…

Gillian Kearney starred in Brookside
Gillian Kearney starred in Brookside. Picture: Alamy

What happened to Emma Barton in Emmerdale?

Emma Barton was the mum of Pete, Ross, and Finn Barton, and estranged wife of James Barton.

She was tracked down by son Finn back in 2015, years after abandoning her family.

She then went on to kill her ex-husband James Barton and by the following year her crime had caught up with her and she went into meltdown.

As she tried to run away from the village, she accidentally shot her son Finn dead, before she was pushed from a viaduct in October 2017.

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In a series of flashback episodes, it was then revealed that Emma’s arch enemy Moira Barton had killed her.

Emma’s son Adam Barton took the blame for Moira, before Cain broke him out of jail and he went on the run.

What else has Gillian Kearney been in?

Gillian is best known for playing Debbie McGrath in Brookside and the spin-off mini-series Damon and Debbie.

She also played Jessica Harrison in Casualty, Silent Witness, Shameless and Suspects.

Gillian Kearney is now a director after her time on Emmerdale
Gillian Kearney is now a director after her time on Emmerdale. Picture: Alamy

On stage, she has appeared frequently at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre in Macbeth, Alice in Wonderland and Othello.

Where is Gillian Kearney now?

Gillian has since turned her hand to directing and in 2019 she directed women’s prison drama Clink.

Next year, she is set to play Mum in The Naughty Boys.

Gillian has one son, John Gerard Foo, with her long-time partner Eddie Foo after the pair got together in 2009.