Gavin & Stacey writers did reveal what happened on Uncle Bryn’s fishing trip - but then axed the scene

30 December 2019, 10:32

Gavin and Stacey almost revealed what happened on the fishing trip
Gavin and Stacey almost revealed what happened on the fishing trip. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

James Corden and Ruth Jones had plans to reveal what happened between Bryn and his nephew Jason.

It’s been a question which has plagued us all for more than ten years, what really happened between Uncle Bryn and Jason on that fishing trip?

Unfortunately, just as Bryn (Rob Brydon) was finally about to tell his friends and family what actually went on in the Gavin & Stacey Christmas reunion, he was interrupted by the children.

Well, now it’s been revealed that writers James Corden and Ruth Jones - who star as Nessa and Smithy - almost uncovered the truth, but decided to scrap the idea before season two.

Gavin and Stacey fans almost found out what happened on the fishing trip
Gavin and Stacey fans almost found out what happened on the fishing trip. Picture: BBC

Lisa Edwards – who owned the house belonging to Bryn in the show – said she still has a script for an episode which was was left at her home on Trinity Street in Barry.

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The script promised to solve the show's biggest mystery, but has never been aired.

Speaking to Wales Online, Lisa said: "We have a script for an episode which was never aired.

"It was supposed to be Uncle Bryn and his nephew watching this VHS.

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"They both watch it together to see what happened on the fishing trip. But they decided to not show the episode."

While we’re still none the wiser about the fishing trip, the Christmas special did appear to answer one of the show's other mysteries, revealing how old Nessa is.

Following the scene in which the character admitted she was 18 years older than Stacey, one superfan called Isobel Newman wrote on Twitter: "I think I’ve worked out how old Nessa is.

"She said in the Christmas special that when Stacey was 17, she was around 35."This means that she is 18 years older than Stacey.

"When the show started, it says that both Gavin and Stacey are 26, meaning that Nessa was 44 at the start.

"Add 10 years on to that, and she’s now 54, meaning that she’s around the same age as Bryn."

Meanwhile, the reunion episode smashed records with a whopping 12.3 million viewers, the biggest ratings since 2008.

And following the huge success, actor Larry Lamb, who played Gavin’s dad Mick Shipman, has called for the series to be made into a film.

The former EastEnders star said: “To me I always think the logical thing to do would be to make a film of it.

“I think the audience in Britain is so ready for it that they would go to the ends of the Earth to go and see a movie of it. I mean, imagine those characters? It’s so much larger than life now, it’s a national treasure.”

Let’s hope that Gavin And Stacey does get turned into a film so we finally get to find out what happened on that fishing trip.

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