GMB viewers brand Luisa Zissman ‘disgusting’ for photoshopping children's photos

30 October 2019, 10:41 | Updated: 30 October 2019, 10:44

Luisa Zissman has caused social media fury after admitting to Photoshopping pictures of her children.

The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman appeared on Good Morning Britain today to talk about a recent story where a school was charging parents extra to airbrush school portraits.

Opening up about her own parenting, Luisa then admitted to altering images of her three daughters Dixie, 9, Indigo, 3, and two-year-old Clementine.

When quizzed by hosts Suzanna Reid and Adil Ray, the 32-year-old said: “I’ve never Photoshopped a school photo but we’ve had family ones done and I’ve just smoothed their skin, or if there’s a bit of ketchup…”

She continued: “They’re not so lovely when they’re covered in crumbs of food. Two of them are ginger, so they have that fair skin that gets all red and blotchy, and I think it’s nice to look a bit smoother. And not look back and think, ‘Oh, my poor face!’

Luisa Zissman admitted to photoshopping her children's photos
Luisa Zissman admitted to photoshopping her children's photos. Picture: ITV

“I would never Photoshop the freckles though.”

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The Celebrity Big Brother star then went on to admit her kids aren’t aware she changes their pictures.

“They don’t know, they just think they’re beautiful always, Photoshop or not,” she said.

“I wouldn’t Photoshop out a scar, or something like that because I wouldn’t want them to be ashamed of anything like that, but for me, there’s a line.”

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Defending her decision she continued: “Anything that was permanent, I wouldn’t Photoshop. I wouldn’t make them thinner, I wouldn’t make their eyes bigger, I wouldn’t do anything like that… I don’t think I’d whiten their teeth.”

Luisa finally added that ‘it’s okay not to like things about yourself’ and photoshopping gives her daughters ‘a little ego boost.’

However, TV star Dawn O’Porter – who shares two boys with actor Chris O’Dowd – argued that this was damaging for kids and said ‘bad school photos are a rite of passage.’

She said: “I would just be worried about that future conversation of, ‘didn’t you think I was good enough?’ I was a child and you didn’t think I was cute.”

And it looks as though viewers were totally divided over the disagreement, as one fumed on Twitter: “Right now on @GMB Photoshopping your kids school photos!!! I’m speechless, your children are beautiful, they’re your world.

“No wonder there is no self-love with toxic damaged parents like that. What a sad world we live in #gmb.”

“Disgusting to even think about airbrushing your children!!!!” said another, while a third added: “Weirdo. Let kids be kids ffs.”

And a fourth wrote: “Has she not heard of face wipes? Why on earth would you photoshop your children?! #GMB”

Although one mum hit back: “My daughter had a cold when she had her first preschool photos taken which showed a 'bubble' coming out of her nose. I was extremely grateful for the option to Photoshop this out of the image!”