Great British Bake Off sparks debate after 'despicable' pasty challenge

21 October 2020, 07:49 | Updated: 21 October 2020, 09:59

Great British Bake Off sparks debate with pasty challenge

Viewers took to Twitter to debate what constitutes a pasty during last night's episode.

Great British Bake Off viewers were divided last night after the pastry week challenge stirred up controversy on social media.

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The contestants were tasked with making 'their version' of Cornish pasties for the GBBO technical challenge, which sparked debate on what constitutes a 'pasty'.

Matt Lucas told the bakers they could choose whatever shape they like
Matt Lucas told the bakers they could choose whatever shape they like. Picture: Channel 4

Host Matt Lucas said: "Welcome back to the tent for pastry week, and today, Paul and Prue would like you each to make your version of the Cornish national dish, the pasty."

And Noel Fielding added: "You need to make eight identical pasties, you can use any pastry or filling you chose, but feel free to personalise them with a decorative finish."

Matt also told the Bakers that they could be 'any shape' they liked, with Prue assuring the Bakers that they didn't need to be pasty-shaped.

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The pasties created by the Bakers included a toad in the hole-inspired offering and a fish-shaped pasty.

Lottie's 'toad in the hole' pasty didn't go down well with some viewers
Lottie's 'toad in the hole' pasty didn't go down well with some viewers. Picture: Channel 4

However, some viewers argued that this gave the contestants too much freedom - and that there is only one Cornish pasty shape.

One person wrote: "WHY is no one doing an actual classic Cornish pasty? For the love of GOD, man, did they learn nothing from Brownie-gate?"

Another added: " I don’t even LIKE pasties but I don’t think you can have a fish shaped pasty? Also a samosa shaped pasty is a samosa, isn’t it? (Only not as nice as a samosa). What is wrong with everyone??"

And a third wrote: "Fish in a pasty is a CRIME against the southwest soz."

Andother tweeted: "Ok #GBBO let's just be clear a Cornish pasty can't be any pastry, any filling or any a born and bred Cornish National I am aghast at the despicable treatment of the Cornish National Dish".

However, some viewers were all for the new interpretations, with one writing: "Toad in the hole pasty sounds absolutely amaze balls! I hope the pastry survives!"

After someone tweeted Bake Off saying: "All these flavoured pasties, can’t beat a traditional Cornish pasty", the official account replied saying: "This is true. The traditional Cornish pasty is a timeless classic".


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