Home Alone viewers spot crucial detail that explains why Kevin was left behind

15 December 2020, 14:21

Does This Home Alone clip prove why Kevin was really left behind?

If you've ever wondered how Kevin McCallister's parents managed to leave him behind, this might be the answer!

It’s well and truly Christmas, which means it’s also time to settle down with a mug of hot chocolate and put Home Alone on the TV.

And if you’re anything like us, it will be approximately the 27th time you’ve watched it and you could pretty much quote the entire film.

But despite studying the plot every single year, you're probably still wondering how on earth Kevin's parents managed to forget their eight-year-old son on their trip to Paris.

Well, now a whopping thirty years after the film was released, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted one detail which might help explain it.

Home Alone viewers have only just noticed one crucial plot detail
Home Alone viewers have only just noticed one crucial plot detail. Picture: 20th Century Fox

Taking to Twitter, one user pointed out that in one of the early scenes the family can be seen sitting down to eat pizzas the night before they were heading on holiday.

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When Kevin and Buzz get into an argument, a bottle of fizzy drink is split all over the table and Kevin's dad scrabbles to clean up the mess.

But as he throws napkins in the bin, he also accidentally scoops up Kevin’s plane ticket with it.

The cameras then zoom in on the plane ticket very briefly, before focussing back in on the chaotic family.

Things are made worse when the neighbour’s kid gets caught up in the headcount as the McCallisters pile into the cars on their way to the airport.

While it isn’t exactly an excuse for forgetting your child at Christmas, it does help to explain how the family managed to board a plane and fly thousands of miles before realising that Kevin was still at home.

The astonished Twitter use wrote: "I have seen Home Alone probably 1 billion times, but was today years old when I realised they threw out Kevin's plane ticket during the pizza debacle and that's why no one figured out he was gone earlier at, like, the airport."

Another person added: "Watching Home Alone for the 50th time and I've never noticed that in the starting scene when there is a fight in the kitchen, Kevin's ticket is put in the bin."

Who knew?!

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