Line of Duty viewers spot hidden ‘H’ clues in Steph Corbett’s house

6 April 2021, 12:24

Line of Duty viewers have noticed a major clue that hints at the identity of H
Line of Duty viewers have noticed a major clue that hints at the identity of H. Picture: BBC/Twitter

Fans of Line of Duty think they’ve found a ‘H’ clue hidden in kitchen tiles in episode 3.

**Warning Line of Duty episode 3 spoilers below**

Line of Duty’s AC-12 has been furiously trying to work out who ‘H’ is since season five started back in 2019.

Three corrupt police officers have already been identified as Derek Hilton (Paul Higgins), Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker) and Cotton, leaving one senior officer remaining.

But viewers at home might have just spotted a huge clue about the final criminal.

During episode three, DS Steve Arnott is seen visiting Steph Corbett, the widow of undercover officer John Corbett who was brutally killed by Ryan Pilkington.

Line of Duty fans think they've spotted a H clue
Line of Duty fans think they've spotted a H clue. Picture: BBC

As they chat in the kitchen, the tiles on the kitchen wall are visible, with one of them featuring a suspicious 'H' shape.

Naturally, fans were quick to spot the random pattern on the wall and are convinced writer Jed Mercurio has placed it there on purpose.

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While some fans think the clue could be suggesting that Steph is connected to H, others think it is pointing to Steve instead.

One person said on Twitter; “Anyone else noticed Steph Corbett’s kitchen tiles pattern? H is everywhere.”

Another wrote: “#LineOfDuty H’s everywhere is Steph’s kitchen! She likes keeping a bottle of wine by her H 😂 @jed_mercurio is messing with the audience I reckon!”

“I'm now seeing H on Stephs kitchen tiles, is that a clue or am I overthinking,” said a third.

One fan even thought there could be a message hidden in the whiteboard on Steph’s wall.

She wrote: “Someone needs to decode what these letter means because it’s way to high up for kids to move and the H on the far left kitchen tile very sus #LineOfDuty.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Steve was left furious when he found out Steph had told Superintendent Ted Hastings about his dependency on painkillers.

After confronting Steph, she apologised and romance looks to be on the cards when he later returned for a cosy night in.

But once Steph had left, Steve's suspicions got the better of him and he began searching her home only to fing £50,000 in notes in her attic.

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