Location Location Location viewers blast 'snobby' couple over bizarre list of requirements

20 September 2019, 13:59

The couple were looking to downsize but rejected all of Kirstie and Phil's suggestions and ended up buying a gigantic home that was tens of thousands over-budget.

Fans of Channel 4's Location, Location, Location have been left baffled after a very difficult couple appeared on the show earlier this week.

Kay and Robert appeared on the property hunting show, looking to downsize from their stunning five-bedroom home in Surrey and wanted the help of house hunting experts, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.

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Kay and Robert were slated by viewers for being too picky
Kay and Robert were slated by viewers for being too picky. Picture: Channel 4

But despite being armed with a generous £750k budget for a three bedroom home, the retired couple didn't find anything that suited their needs, causing viewers to call them "irritating".

Kay and Robert had explained they were looking for something smaller after residing in their Surrey home for 25 years, and initially had said they were after a low-maintenance place with a space for entertaining, a garage, large kitchen and home office. Simple, right?

But that wan't all. They also insisted that the home needed to be within easy distance of their hobbies, their friends, and also their children, as well as having an "eye-level oven", whatever that means.

Robert rejected this Banstead property because of the parking
Robert rejected this Banstead property because of the parking. Picture: Channel 4
The pair weren't satisfied with any of the hosts' choices
The pair weren't satisfied with any of the hosts' choices. Picture: Channel 4

However, despite Kirstie and Phil's best effort, viewers became increasingly frustrated with the house hunters as would state that every single chosen property was "too close" or "too far" from their current home.

After the pair rejected a house in Banstead, Robert cited one of the reasons for being that he was able to see parked cars from the living room window.

The house had all of their requirements - bar a garage - and had a large garden and private parking at the front, but Robert said: "The garage and the parking is going to be difficult to overcome.

"The parking is at the front. I am not keen on looking on a car."

None of the stunning houses satisfied the couple
None of the stunning houses satisfied the couple. Picture: Channel 4

Kay added: "I can't see myself living here... If it doesn't feel right, and it's not where I want it to be... And I'm just not sure where I want it to be."

The second property was an absolute stunner, in Walton-on-the-Hill with a large kitchen island, but the pair weren't keen on the location, despite it being in a gated community and a short drive to their sons.

Robert said he had doubts over the "communal living" and so it was on to the third property.

The next property was a straight "no" as Kay didn't like the small steps leading up to the front door, and Robert saying it was too far away from their current home.

And would you believe it, they didn't like the final property either, situated in Copthorne, as it was "too much of a project".

Fans of the show aired their irritation towards the couple on Twitter, with one saying: "Cant you put a eye level oven in whatever you buy rather than having it as a must have?" And another added: "Knew from minute one they weren't gonna buy anywhere. Nothing but snobs and she sneered at absolutely everything."

In the end, Kay and Robert found their dream home by themselves around 12 weeks after meeting Kirstie and Phil - a four bedroom detached property that set them back £800,000.

It wasn't in the area they specified and was also a whopping £50k over budget - so much for downsizing!

This clearly went down a treat with viewers, with one saying: "I wanna downsize but end up buying a 4 bedroom family home just coz it has a Island and eye level oven".