Gemma Owen's dad Michael reacts to Love Island dance challenge 2022

29 June 2022, 08:49 | Updated: 29 June 2022, 09:24

Love Island: Dance challenge causes controversy in villa

What happened in the Love Island heart rate challenge 2022? Catch up on all the latest gossip...

The Love Island dance challenge was back this week, and it certainly got us all talking.

If you haven’t seen the episode before, the girls and boys all get dressed up and dance with the aim of raising each others’ heart rates.

And while there were some pretty impressive performances from the stars, one man who wasn’t overly impressed with the challenge was Gemma Owen’s famous dad Michael.

Gemma Owen took part in the Love Island heart rate challenge
Gemma Owen took part in the Love Island heart rate challenge. Picture: ITV

After seemingly watching his daughter, former football star Michael simply Tweeted a singular hands-over-the-face emoji.

The girls started first with Danica kicking things off, Paige then followed as a lifeguard, while Ekin-Su wore a bridal outfit.

When it came to the boys, Dami dressed as a lab technician, Jay as a cowboy and Davide as a mysterious masked bandit.

But after the results of the heart rate challenge were revealed, not everyone was happy.

Luca Bish, Tasha Ghouri, Paige Thorne and Indiyah Polack were among the contestants left fuming after the stars they are coupled up with had their pulses raised by different contestants.

Love Island contestants took part in the dance challenge
Love Island contestants took part in the dance challenge. Picture: ITV

Jacques O’Neill and Gemma Owen both had their heart rates raised the most by one another, which didn’t exactly go down well with their partners Luca and Paige.

Paige later admitted: “The guy I’m meant to be seeing still fancies his ex. I’m done. I know it’s a game, I get that it’s a game but there’s truth behind it.

“For me, there’s no smoke without a fire. He could have fancied any other girl, he could have fancied Tasha, Danica, anyone, I don’t even care, but an ex? Like come on, leave it in the past, it’s not funny.”

Luca was also upset that Jacques had raised Gemma’s heart rate, as he said: “The girls whose hearts I got racing, Ekin-Su and Paige? Oh my f**king days son, the creme de la creme.

“Nah, I’m not happy. It just makes me feel like I’m more into her than she is me, do you know what I mean, which I do keep thinking more and more.”

Meanwhile, Tasha wasn’t impressed when her partner Andrew was most excited during Danica's performance.

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