Joe Garratt responds to Lucie’s ‘surfer guy’ comment after he was booted out the Love Island villa

25 June 2019, 15:03

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Love Island's Joe stated there was "definitely a future" with Lucie, despite her telling Anton she'd be open to get to know someone new.

Last night's Love Island episode saw Lucie Donlan admit to Anton Danyluk that if the right guy came into the villa she would be open to get to know him, despite her and Joe Garratt having feelings for each other and him waiting for her outside.

Heart caught up with Joe, 22, and he had nothing but great things to say about his former other-half, Lucie.

Joe spoke to Heart about his feelings toward Lucie Donlan
Joe spoke to Heart about his feelings toward Lucie Donlan. Picture: Heart

The catering company owner said that him and Lucie had "the strongest connection in there" and insisted that they got on amazingly - despite the show airing a rather tense view of the couple's relationship.

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Joe continued to gush about the stunning blonde: "we had this real good connection" before stating that there was "definitely a future there".

However, now Joe's left the Love Island villa it looks like Lucie's opinion on the future of their relationship isn't quite matching Joe's.

Cornish Lucie said to Anton: “Joe is a proper city party boy and I am the complete opposite. But I liked him. He liked me. And that’s what it was”.

She continued: "Imagine if I left here and that surfer guy walks through the door, I would be absolutely gutted and I would be open to get to know him."

When Heart asked Joe if he would head back into the villa, he instantly said he would love to, stating: "absolutely, I would love to go back in".

The cheeky chap continued: "if the opportunity was there, I would bite it, 100 per cent".

He added: "I feel like there's definitely unfinished business".

Viewers should keep their eyes peeled, as Casa Amor is right around the corner, and if Lucie finds her surfer boy an Joe gets the chance to head back into the villa, it'll make for some INCREDIBLE television.