Love Island stars are charging fans £10,000 to attend their birthday parties

12 August 2019, 07:41

Curtis, Sherif and Tommy are among the top chargers
Curtis, Sherif and Tommy are among the top chargers. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The stars are fresh from the villa and are already raking it in by charging thousands for birthday party appearances.

This year's Love Island stars have barely stepped foot back in the UK and are already making the most of their new-found fame, The Sun have found.

After contacting their agents and asking how much each star would charge for an appearance at their 'daughter's 21st birthday party, they unearthed some really interesting figures.

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Professional boxer-turned-islander Tommy Fury, 20, is one of the priciest of the bunch, charging a whopping £10k to show his face for two hours, and professional ballroom dancer pal Curtis Pritchard, 23, charges the same and even insists on his own hotel and driver on top.

Both boys made it to the finale, so it makes sense in some way that they charge the most, but you'll be shocked by the next one.

Sherif Lanre, 20, whose appearance in the villa would be completely missed if you blinked will charge you a hefty £5,000 for the same.

The former chef and rugby player seems to be living the life despite being kicked out of the villa in the second week, and has even set up his own clothing company.

Unofficial villain of the series, Michael Griffiths, 27, will cost you a pretty penny too at £2,500 an hour.

And one of the show's heroines, Yewande Biala will charge you £5,000 plus a 20 per cent agency fee - sheesh!

Surfer chick Lucie Donlan has made a bit of a name for herself since leaving the villa due to the strange noises she seems to make every time a camera is pointed at her, and if you want to hear them in the flesh, you'll need £3,000 for an hour of her time.

Chris Taylor is one of the show's most underrated islanders (we all know it's true), and if you want the kimono king to be in your presence, he'll require a tidy sum of £5,000. Hopefully he'll throw a salmon in.

Casa Amor's Dan Rose, who had a total screen time amount of around 30 seconds is a fair bit more affordable at £1,000 for an appearance, but the best value islander is George Rains.

Remember him? The blonde guy who was jilted by Lucie Donlan after asking her what her favourite snack was? You can talk to him about all kinds of snacks for £900, and he will pay for his own fuel too according to his representatives - bargain!