Molly-Mae's 'hair bun tutorial' provokes hilarious response from Love Island fans

22 July 2019, 14:37 | Updated: 4 August 2019, 21:05

Molly-Mae's hair tutorial hasn't worked out quite the same for everyone else
Molly-Mae's hair tutorial hasn't worked out quite the same for everyone else. Picture: Twitter/ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The influencer has been an absolute hair icon this series but her 'tutorial' has been mocked all over Twitter.

Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague has incredible hair, there is no doubt about that.

The 21-year-old's long, thick platinum blonde hair is always styled to perfection, so much so that we've even explained how to recreate some of her most iconic looks from the ITV2 show.

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The stunning Islander always has perfect hair
The stunning Islander always has perfect hair. Picture: ITV

However, when the influencer decided to do her own quick 'tutorial' in the beach hut, which was aired on this weekend's Love Island Unseen Bits, it did not go down well on Twitter.

Tonned of fans mocked the 'tutorial', saying it was literally how every single other girl does their up-do.

Many pointed out that Molly-Mae was probably asked to film the short clip by producers as fans had been requesting a tutorial, and not because she had some "special technique".

In short, the stunner's steps were:

1. Flip your hair upside down (and cover any extensions the best you can)

2. Hold your hair in a 'swishy pony' (but don't tie it up just yet

3. Whilst holding the pony in one hand, twist the hair around the base and tuck the remainder under the bun

4. Tie the hair bobble around the bun twice, et voila!

Molly-Mae has made her simple yet sleek hairstyle look effortless, something that's probably helped by the fact she has a head full of incredible extensions.

A fair few of the girls in the villa have extensions, and while Amy Hart and Lucie Donlan's were easily clocked as their bonds were on show, Molly-Mae disguises hers very well.

Fans of the show have posted their own versions of her high bun tutorial, and it's evident that having a full head of thick extensions plays a big part in achieving the voluminous top knot.

If anything, all the tutorial has done is made us all want a head full of extensions just like Molly-Mae.

Although the star hasn't revealed exactly what kind she's had done, fans have predicted she's had either nano bonds or maybe tape extensions as they're so well-disguised.

Great Lengths are an extension brand who provide a variety of different extensions which can recreate a look just like Molly-Mae's.

Their GL tapes are famed for being so discreet and quick to apply, and are especially great for adding both volume and length to thinner hair.

One fan has created her own version of the video, but displaying how exactly you can achieve the desired look when you don't have thick hair or extensions.

Charlie Ebany shared the clip on Twitter, captioning it: "Molly-Mae bun without the £100s of hair extensions"

She achieved the full bun look through tying her hair with a chunky scrunchie first, and wrapping her hair around it in the same twisting format.

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