Love Island fans SHOCKED as Amber picks Greg over Michael in dramatic recoupling

19 July 2019, 21:38 | Updated: 19 July 2019, 21:46

Love Island fans were over the moon with Amber's decision
Love Island fans were over the moon with Amber's decision. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Love Island viewers are over the moon with Amber's decision to couple up with Greg.

It all kicked off on Love Island this evening after Amber Gill decided to couple up with newbie Greg O’Shea over ex Michael Griffiths.

The 21-year-old was brutally dumped by Michael just two weeks ago during Casa Amor week, as he chose to take a risk with Joanna Chimonides.

But following Joanna’s dramatic exit at the start of the week, the firefighter had a complete change of heart and has been trying to win Amber over once again.

New contestant Greg has also been grafting the Geordie Islander after he told her straight away that he liked her.

And when the power was put in Amber’s hands, she pondered in the Beach Hut: “I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s a weird one and it’s a hard one.”

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When pal Belle Hassan then told her to pick Greg, she replied: “I feel like I have a great connection with Michael. He makes me happy when I speak to him and I love the conversations that we have.”

Fighting his corner, Michael later said: “I’ve made the decision that put us in this situation. And I have to live with that. You know that I like you, that’s all you need to know really.”

Amber was faced with a tough decision
Amber was faced with a tough decision. Picture: ITV

After making her decision, Amber stood up and told the group: “It’s been the hardest decision that I’ve had to make and I really don’t know what the right thing to do is…”

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But when she unexpectedly called out Greg’s name, leaving Michael to couple up with Francesca Allen, Twitter was completely shocked.

One viewer rejoiced: "Thank the heavens Amber picked Greg, seeing Michael seethe was the best part #loveisland"

Another said: "Amber choosing Greg I genuinely screamed #LoveIsland"

While a third added: "So happy Amber chose Greg . #LoveIsland"

Elsewhere in the episode, there are some seriously awkward moments when the Islanders are challenged to prove how much they really know about their other halves.

During the game, the couples have to write down answers to a number of questions on their chalkboards.

The boys are up first and had to match their answers to questions like “What are the names of your girl’s parents?”

Unfortunately, Anton Danyluk fell at the first hurdle when he incorrectly guesses Belle’s Dad’s name to be ‘Tarem’ instead of ‘Tamer’.

And things get even more uncomfortable when the girls have to guess how many people their partners have slept with.

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