All the Mare of Easttown clues that pointed to Ryan Ross

1 June 2021, 13:17

Mare of Easttown's finale revealed a shocking twist about Ryan Ross
Mare of Easttown's finale revealed a shocking twist about Ryan Ross. Picture: HBO

After seven pulse-racing episodes, Mare of Easttown has now come to an end.

Starring Kate Winslet as detective Mare Sheehan, the hit HBO series delivers an abundance of dramatic plot twists and truly harrowing storylines.

While centred around the murder of local teenager Erin McMenamin, the story also follows Mare's struggle as she comes to terms with the death of her son Kevin, who tragically took his own life.

Burying herself in her work, Mare's dedication and fixation with the case at times backfires and oversteps the line of duty, but, ultimately, Winslet's character is one force to be reckoned with - and her commitment to the case pays off.

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As viewers will know, nothing about Mare of Easttown is straight-forward, though. There have been so many wild plot twists and red herrings along the way - so it's only natural the show served a massive curveball in the final episode.

Here's a recap of what happened in the Mare of Easttown finale, and all the clues that pointed to Ryan Ross.

Oh, and there are spoilers ahead (naturally).

Mare of Easttown Episode 6 Trailer

What happened in the Mare of Easttown finale?

It begins with Mare finding brothers Billy and John Ross by the river. In the previous episode, John took Billy fishing - along with a gun he packed in the tackle box.

Just as John is about to shoot his brother, though, Mare turns up and tackles her best friend's husband to the ground.

It then becomes clear that John Ross is the real father of Erin's baby DJ, after much speculation. He also confesses to killing the teen.

However, just when viewers think the case has been solved, Mr Carroll (whose wife recently passed away) tells Mare that his old police gun was taken from his shed and had reappeared with two rounds missing.

This, along with the fact John couldn't remember what type of gun he used to kill Erin, leads Mare to John and Lori's son, Ryan.

Then, in heartbreaking scenes, Ryan is taken to the police station and questioned, before he confesses to killing Erin after learning of his father's affair.

Ryan is then sent to juvie and Lori is asked to raise DJ while her husband and son serve time.

While the ending was shocking for many, there have been clues and hints about Ryan Ross throughout the show:

1. From the get-go it was clear Ryan was keeping a secret

Ryan Ross often wears a tortured look on his face, as though he's keeping a secret and knows more than he's letting on.

While viewers didn't necessarily assume he was involved in Erin's murder, it was obvious something wasn't right.

2. Ryan often tried to eavesdrop on the conversations Mare was having with his parents

Given that Ryan's mum Lori is Mare's best friend, the detective often shares developments in the case with her.

There are a few times when Mare is at Lori and John's house that Ryan is seen listening in on the conversation.

3. Ryan tells Lori that his father is having an affair again

In an earlier episode, Ryan reacts to a bully picking on his sister by lashing out at school. When Lori picks him up, she presses him to tell her what's going on.

As Ryan starts to open up, Lori asks if his father is having an affair "with the same woman" as before - to which Ryan says yes.

However, Lori believed it to be Sandra, and old flame and former lover of John's, rather than his cousin Erin.

4. The 'watch children' sign in episode 3

You may not have picked up on it at the time, but in episode 3 there's a scene where Mare is driving through Easttown and the camera hones in on a yellow road sign that reads "watch children".

The show's creator, Brad Ingelsby, used the sign as a subtle hint to viewers that rather than questioning the adults' motives, we should be considering the younger cast members.

Mare of Easttown season one is available to stream on NOW TV.

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