Virgin River season 2 recap: Here's what's happened in the Netflix drama so far

6 July 2021, 12:24

The hit Netflix drama is about to return to our screens for a third season.

First airing back at 2019, Virgin River is heartwarming and wholesome drama centred around nurse Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), as she struggles to negotiate the loss of her husband and baby.

Moving to the quiet - albeit breathtakingly beautiful - town of Virgin River, she attempts to find some clarity and move on from her grief.

That said, it isn't exactly plain sailing for her; not only does she need to woo the locals, she has to prove herself to her new employee, Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson).

Elsewhere, there's clearly an attraction between Mel and the local bar owner, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), with the will-they-won't-they tension increasing throughout the show.

Soon, on July 9, the third instalment of the romantic drama is landing on the streaming platform.

But don't worry if you've lost track of where we're at in the story - here's a helpful recap of season two of Virgin River!

Virgin River season 2 recap: Here's what's happened in the Netflix drama so far
Virgin River season 2 recap: Here's what's happened in the Netflix drama so far. Picture: Netflix

What happened in season 2 of Virgin River?

Just as things were looking up for Mel and Jack after they *finally* got together at the end of season one, a huge bombshell landed when Jack's ex, Charmaine, revealed she was pregnant with his baby.

Not one to throw in the towel, Charmaine makes it as hard as possible for Mel and Jack, intent on winning him back and creating a family together. It's even trickier when Mel is forced to treat Charmaine, as she experiences difficulties with her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Doc and Hope reconcile and work on fixing their marriage. However, Hope wishes to do so behind closed doors, fearing what external pressure might do to their fragile relationship. To avoid any form of town gossip, Hope actually pushes Doc onto another woman, perhaps testing her once-unfaithful husband to see how he'll react.

Elsewhere, Preacher discovers Paige has been hiding a dark secret, and was forced to change her name and escape to Virgin River from her abusive ex.

Her ex then shows up in town and is violent towards Paige, forcing her to defend herself. In the process, she accidentally kills him, before fleeing town and entrusting her son with Preacher.

The biggest moment from season two, though, was the dramatic cliffhanger in the final episode - in which Jack was shot at.

Where will season 3 take us?

It'll come as no surprise that season three picks up where season two left us. But don't worry - Jack seemingly survived the blow, as he's seen walking and talking in the new trailer (above).

We expect the new season will look into who shot Jack, and develop the storyline of Paige and Preacher.

It is also suggested in the new trailer that a new love interest for Charmaine enters the scene, hopefully distracting her from breaking up Mel and Jack.

Virgin River season 3 is available to stream on Netflix from July 9.