Bling Empire cast ages revealed including Christine Chiu and Kelly Mi Li

11 October 2022, 07:12 | Updated: 11 October 2022, 08:16

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How old are the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix including Julia Haart and Don Morris?

Bling Empire is back with a brand new series and there is more drama than ever.

The Netflix show has often been described as a real-life Crazy Rich Asians, and shows the lives of the wealthy LA socialites we’ve come to know and love.

After the second series dropped earlier this year, fans have been waiting on the edges of their seats for the chaos to continue.

Bling Empire's Jaime Xie is 24-years-old
Bling Empire's Jaime Xie is 24-years-old. Picture: Instagram

And now it’s finally out, you can expect lots more spending from the likes of Christine Chiu, Mimi Morris and Anna Shay.

So if you want to get to know the Bling Empire cast a little bit more, here is a full list of all their ages…

How old are the cast of Bling Empire season 3?

  • Christine Chiu’s age - 39-years-old
  • Kelly Mi Li’s age - 36-years-old
  • Mimi Morris’ age - 53-years-old
  • Don Morris’ age - 73-years-old
  • Anna Shay’s age - 62-years-old
  • Guy Tang’s age - 40-years-old
  • Jaime Xie’s age - 24-years-old
  • Kane Lim’s age - 32-years-old
  • Kevin Kreider’s age - 39-years-old
  • Kim Lee’s age - 34-years-old
  • Leah Qin’s age - 25-years-old
  • Dr Gabriel Chiu’s age - 54-years-old
  • Andrew Gray’s age - 35-years-old
  • Dorothy Wang’s age - 34-years-old
Bling Empire's Kim Lee is 34-years-old
Bling Empire's Kim Lee is 34-years-old. Picture: Instagram

When we last left off with the cast, Christine had just heard from a mystery source that Anna wants to ‘end’ her.

Kevin and Kim had also tried to turn their friendship into something more but it didn’t exactly end well, while Christine’s fertility journey continued.

Viewers also saw Kelly’s ex Andrew return after she’d worked so hard to heal from their relationship.

Over the course of the new ten episodes, viewers will see the cast try to work their way through all the fallouts from the previous drama as well as dealing with plenty more.

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