Who is Bling Empire’s Jaime Xie and what is her net worth?

11 October 2022, 07:22

Jaime Xie's net worth revealed
Jaime Xie's net worth revealed. Picture: Instagram

How old is Jamie Xie and who is her dad? Here's what we know about the Bling Empire star...

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been binge watching the new series of Bling Empire on Netflix.

And since the whole show revolves around money, it should be no surprise to anyone that the cast are extremely wealthy.

And one woman who certainly falls into that bracket is Jaime Xie, who is the daughter of a billionaire.

So, who is Jamie, what is her job and how much is she worth? Here’s what we know…

Jamie Xie is starring in the second series of Bling Empire
Jamie Xie is starring in the second series of Bling Empire. Picture: Netflix

Who is Bling Empire’s Jaime Xie?

Jaime, 24, is the eldest daughter of Beijing billionaire Ken Xie who founded the cybersecurity company Fortinet.

While her appearances in the first season of Bling Empire were limited due to scheduling conflicts, she filmed a lot more earlier this year.

Jaime originally set out to be an Olympic equestrian and travelled nationally for tournaments.

Jamie Xie is worth over £40million
Jamie Xie is worth over £40million. Picture: Instagram

But after attending fashion shows since she was 17, Jaimie ended up as a fashion influencer and blogger.

Speaking about her own fashion, Jamie added: “I hope people can see that fashion is fun.

“I think it’s also important to know how to style properly. But I think it’s important to just wear what makes you feel good and look good, and that can be a very different variety of things.”

What is Jaime Xie’s net worth?

Thanks to her family money and making a name for herself in the fashion industry, Jaime has a personal net worth of around $50 million (£40.5million).

Her father Ken is worth a whopping $4 billion (£3.2billion) net worth.

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