When will Ozark season four start on Netflix and who will be in the cast?

20 April 2020, 12:15

Ozark returned for season three in March 2020 - here's your need-to-know on series four.

Ozark is one of the many Netflix shows we're becoming obsessed with during lockdown, and the crime drama has three seasons available to binge-watch now.

If you've already made your way through all available episodes of the show, you'll likely be clamouring for season four after the explosive season three finale.

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Here's what we know about season four.

Will Ozark return for season four?
Will Ozark return for season four? Picture: Netflix

Will Ozark return for season four?

While Netflix haven't yet confirmed the return of the show, its creators are planning to bring it back for a fourth series.

Speaking at the Milken Global Conference in Beverly Hills, Califonia, last year, showrunner Chris Mundy said: "We’ve always talked about it as five seasons. It could be four, it could be seven…but that always seemed like a good number to us."

TV productions have been halted amid the coronavirus pandemic, so it has been predicted that Ozark won't return until 2021 or 2022.

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When is the Ozark season four release date?

We don't yet know if and when Ozark will return for season four, but previous series' have tended to announce the date about a month prior to its return.

There was a 13-month gap between seasons one and two, and a 19-month gap between seasons two and three.

Who will be in the season four cast?

While nothing has yet been confirmed, Chris Mundy has assured fans that the Byrdes will be back.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I think it will be about if the Byrdes can they turn the biggest mistake of their lives into this huge advantage.

"How much will karma catch up with them if they do?”

All three seasons of Ozark are available to stream on Netflix
All three seasons of Ozark are available to stream on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Chris also hinted that Julia Garner, who plays Ruth, will have a more central role in season four.

He said: "Well, if we’re lucky enough to get a season four, I think it will be about whether or not Ruth really can create something of her own that she wants and is sustainable, or if she wants something else.

"Ruth’s arc is that she thought she wanted to be a Byrde and realised that not only is it okay to be a Langmore, she actually prefers to be a Langmore… But there’s a real allure there for Ruth and there’s a real emotion in the Marty relationship."

How many episodes will Ozark season four have?

It is likely that it would follow the format of previous seasons, which all have 10 episodes.

Is there a trailer for season three?

You can watch the season three trailer below:


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