Piers Morgan goes to war with 'bigoted dinosaur' in same sex Strictly couples row

3 September 2019, 08:50 | Updated: 3 September 2019, 08:57

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The fierce debate on Good Morning Britain has sent viewers into a frenzy over the former DUP Health Minister's comments.

Piers Morgan has been praised for calling out and shutting down a "bigoted and homophobic" guest on today's Good Morning Britain.

Appearing alongside Strictly professional Robin Windsor on a panel about allowing same-sex couples on the hit dance competition show, Former DUP Health Minister Jim Wells had some pretty strong opinions.

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Piers and Susanna were praised by viewers for calling out "dinosaur" Jim Wells
Piers and Susanna were praised by viewers for calling out "dinosaur" Jim Wells. Picture: ITV

The former politician - who claimed he wasn't homophobic - argued that he was completely against the introduction of same-sex couples on Strictly, believing it went against family values and should be kept for after the 9pm watershed.

62-year-old Wells was asked by Piers, 54, "are you gay?" after saying "it's not appropriate to have it [same sex couples on TV] pre-watershed" and the TV presenter has been highly praised for calling out his controversial views.

Strictly Come Dancing have just announced that they will be introducing same sex couples for the first time next year after years of increasing demand.

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Jim was furious after being called a "dinosaur" by Piers
Jim was furious after being called a "dinosaur" by Piers. Picture: ITV

A BBC spokesperson told The Sun: ""Strictly Come Dancing is an inclusive show and we are proud to have featured same sex dancing amongst the professional dancers in group numbers in previous series.

"We are completely open to the prospect of including same sex pairings between our celebrities and professional dancers in the future, should the opportunity arise."

However, this news did not go down well with Jim Wells, who doesn't think having same sex couples on TV is suitable for family viewing.

Susanna also challenged Jim's views
Susanna also challenged Jim's views. Picture: ITV

Piers, who has just returned from his summer holidays, challenged this, asking "what about children who have same sex parents?" with Susanna adding "what if those children are sitting with two mums and two dads?"

However, Jim defended his view, saying: "People are scared to stand by traditional values".

He was branded a "bigoted old dinosaur" by the presenter, and when asked "how are you feeling right now", Jim replied with "I feel like I am being mauled by Piers Morgan."

The segment's other guest, Strictly star Robin Windsor is gay and was visibly offended by Wells' comments.

Windsor, 39, called the former politician's comments "an absolute disrace" stating that same sex couples are "reflected everywhere, so why not on Strictly?"

The show's viewers were left gobsmacked by Wells' "homophobic" comments, and took to Twitter to air their frustration at the whole debate.

Robin Windsor was not happy with Jim's comments
Robin Windsor was not happy with Jim's comments. Picture: ITV

One said: "Shows how far we as a society have to go, dinosaurs like Wells are still prevalent, it’s just homophobia plain & simple".

Another added: "Amazing viewing I must say, not often I feel the love for Piers Morgan but that was too good".

After the fierce debate, which ended with Piers questioning Wells' sexuality and whether or not he was suppressing something, the show's presenters announced that they had two same-sex couples in the studio, who were going to perform for them.

Jim was then made to watch two same sex couples dancing together
Jim was then made to watch two same sex couples dancing together. Picture: ITV

Piers kept asking Jim how it made him feel, as cameras were placed on the former DUP member when the dancers were shown.

He also highlighted that it was indeed "happening pre-watershed", and stated "sorry if this offends any viewers at home" in a sarcastic manner.

The DUP stated to ITV that Jim does not reflect their views.