Heavily pregnant Sheridan Smith brings viewers to tears with emotional performance in Isolation Stories

5 May 2020, 10:40 | Updated: 5 May 2020, 11:29

Sheridan's performance as Mel left viewers emotional
Sheridan's performance as Mel left viewers emotional. Picture: ITV

Actress Sheridan is expecting her first child later this month with fiancé, Jamie Horn.

ITV's new series, Isolation Stories first aired on Monday night and Sheridan Smith's performance as Mel in the drama has been praised by fans.

The show is the first of its kind, as it was created and filmed fully in lockdown, and the 38-year-old told the emotional story of an expectant mother during the 15-minute episode, which shows four different household's stories during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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The show gives us all a glimpse into Sheridan's luxurious home
The show gives us all a glimpse into Sheridan's luxurious home. Picture: ITV

During the episode, Sheridan, who will welcome a baby boy with her fiancé Jamie Horn later this month, showed off her baby bump during a sweet scene where she sings to her unborn child.

The show was filmed inside her own home which she shares with insurance broker Jamie - who filmed the scenes - and gave fans a glimpse into her life, with many impressed by her luxurious abode.

Sheridan recently explained that Jamie was behind all of the at-home production: "They dropped off lots of camera, lighting and sound equipment at the gate, all disinfected.

"Jamie was then talked through how it all worked.

"We had a crew of people on Zoom with us at all times during filming, explaining to Jamie where to place the cameras and lighting, he was amazing and isn't in the industry so I was so proud of him."

She continued to gush over her fiancé: "He was so good and turned out to be a natural cameraman, they were so impressed that they trusted him to do camera shots that are even tricky with a whole crew.

"I couldn't help much with lifting, currently being so pregnant myself, so I was in charge of costume, make up, continuity etc."

Her character Mel, is facing lockdown alone as well and an uncertain future without the father of her child and without her family members, who have abandoned her.

The star is expecting her first child later this month
The star is expecting her first child later this month. Picture: ITV

The episode explored a number of important issues such as loneliness, family separation, working remotely and domestic abuse and has been praised for approaching the subjects sensitively.

Viewers were impressed by Sheridan's powerful performance, and many complimented the star on how great she looked.

The award-winning actress was "glowing" according to fans, with others hailing her portrayal as "phenomenal".

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Sheridan Smith is phenomenal in this. And whoever thought of doing this show... Legend!"

Another added: "Wow, impressively powerful for a 15 minute piece, and @Sheridansmith1 looking absolutely radiant! #IsolationStories."

"@Sheridansmith1 That was amazing #IsolationStories .

"Heartbreaking & beautiful at the same time. The last scene was so special (I may have shed a few tears Crying face) So lovely to have you on our screens again x." said another.