Anton Du Beke hits back at claims Strictly Come Dancing is now 'too sexy' after backlash

6 December 2019, 11:41 | Updated: 6 December 2019, 12:05

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Anton Du Beke has defended Strictly after former judge Len Goodman criticised the show’s changing format.

With the Strictly Come Dancing final in sight, the remaining celebs are gearing up for another incredible performance on Saturday.

But after former judge Len Goodman claimed the show was getting ‘too sexy’, now professional dancer Anton Du Beke has told us it’s just ‘evolving naturally’.

“Len’s got a different perspective because he’s looking at it from afar,” the 53-year-old said.

Explaining how the show has changed, Anton - who is partnered with EastEnders' Emma Barton - continued: “Now, we have concepts and flying in and smoke and wandering about.

Anton tells us how Strictly has 'evolved' over the years
Anton tells us how Strictly has 'evolved' over the years. Picture: BBC

“But it’s evolved slowly over the years to this point. It just feels like a natural evolution for me.”

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The dancer - who has starred on Strictly since it started back in 2004 - then went on to describe how things used to look when he first started.

A far cry from the acrobatics and incredible stage shows we see every week this year, he said: “I was watching somebody from the very first series the other day and we used walk out from backstage as they announced us, then we’d walk onto the stage and the music would start and we’d start to dance, and the music would end and we’d finish.”

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This comes after ex head judge Len said the show is ‘now all about the performance’ rather than technique.

He recently said: "It’s not only sex, I used to hate it even if a swing was involved and they were sitting on a swing. And props, going down on one knee, giving them a rose. Get on with it!

"I remember somebody taking half the routine to get down the stairs. It was when Craig had a bad hip, and I said, ‘Craig would’ve got down quicker than you’.”

Speaking about the ‘couple’s choice’ dances which were introduced in 2018, he added: "I don’t want to judge strange dancing. It wasn’t about technique or anything, it was all about the performance, and I didn’t want to judge just on performance."

Meanwhile, Anton also opened up about getting his highest score ever on the show last week.

Despite dancing on Strictly for 14 years, Saturday was the first time the professional has got three tens from the judges.

He said: "I'm just overwhelmed, all i can say is that I owe it all to Emma she’s been so brilliant.

"39 is the highest score I’ve ever had on Strictly ever, we've had some good dances on the show, but never reached the heady heights of three tens, what about that..."

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