Supernanny viewers in tears as mum reveals she can't get over losing baby at 24 weeks

12 August 2020, 10:42 | Updated: 12 August 2020, 11:14

Mum on Supernanny in tears as she reveals she can’t get over loss of baby at 24 weeks

The mum told Supernanny Jo Frost that she also fears she'll lose her husband because of his dangerous job.

Supernanny US viewers were left in tears after a mum revealed that she's struggling to cope with the loss of her baby while 24 weeks pregnant.

Heartbreakingly, the mum-of-two - named Nicole Ostler - also told Jo Frost that she now feared losing her husband Dane - as he has a dangerous job as a firefighter.

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The episode saw Jo visit Nicole and Dane to help with their sons Jax, six, and Kaydin, four.

Nicole heartbreakingly revealed she was worried about losing her husband Dane
Nicole heartbreakingly revealed she was worried about losing her husband Dane. Picture: E4

Opening up to Jo, Nicole revealed that she is anxious about being left alone with her sons because of the loss of her first baby

She lost her son Braydn at 24 weeks after going into early labour, and she tearfully told Jo that he was alive for two hours before passing away.

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She said: "I need things to change so I don't have those fears of losing something again.

"I could lose my husband at any time because he's got a really dangerous job.

"I just feel like I could lose anything, because so much has been taken."

Supernanny viewers were in tears after the emotional episode
Supernanny viewers were in tears after the emotional episode. Picture: E4

Jo told the cameras: "I really feel for Nicole, she’s been through a lot, the loss of her own child - it must be absolutely devastating.

"Emotionally it must be so overwhelming."

Supernanny viewers rushed to Twitter to express sympathy for Nicole, with one writing: "I had to bit lip. Tears in my eyes. I felt what Nicole said."

Another added: "20 minutes into supernanny and I'm an emotional wreck already."

And a third wrote: "Crying at supernanny why am I like this".


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