The Cabins: Who is Mamudo Dabo and what is his net worth?

12 January 2021, 11:55 | Updated: 12 January 2021, 11:56

Mamudo is currently starring on The Cabins
Mamudo is currently starring on The Cabins. Picture: Instagram

Who does The Cabins star Mamudo Dabo play football for? Here's what we know...

With the future of Love Island hanging in the balance, we’re already hooked on ITV2’s new dating show The Cabins.

The show sees a group of singletons paired with their perfect match, but the twist is - they have to move in together.

And fans of the show have already met Mamudo Dabo, who was matched with Robyn Darbyshire, 26.

So, let's find out a bit more about the footballer…

How old is Mamudo Dabo and what football team does he play for?

Mamudo is 23-years-old and celebrated his birthday in The Cabins with Robyn.

He is a semi professional footballer from Liverpool and plays for Tranmere Rovers Football Club in Merseyside.

As well as playing football, 6 ft 6 Mamudo also coaches children.

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How much is Mamudo Dabo worth?

It’s unclear how much Mamudo gets paid, however his team is in League Two at the moment.

According to a report by DailyMail last year, in League Two, the average wages of the highest earning players works out at £2,191 a week.

What is Mamudo Dabo's Instagram?

You can find Mamudo Dabo on Instagram @mamudodabo10, where he currently has over 13k followers.

He also has his own food page, Mamudo’s Kitchen, which sees him post videos of incredible-looking food.

Speaking about his appearance on the Cabins, Mamudo told ITV: "I’ve signed up because it’ll be a great opportunity to meet my match in a more natural way; build up a better connection, without people being around, without the distractions you face on the outside world.”

When asked what he looks for in a partner, he said: "If she’s there, all about herself, 'I’m beautiful, I’ve got this' – I like them to be humble and open. Know their worth, but more chilled and laid back and just enjoy the moment rather than everything being about them."

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